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The closet fan fiction (might not make sense) part 1


The closet fan fiction (might not make sense) part 1

jacks POV-

January 5th 2025,

Today wasn't a normal night, today was the day i went in to a whole new world, and you might be wondering How exactly, well this is my story. it was (like a said) a normal night, but something happened, my closet door started to open, so doing what any non normal kid would do i went to check it out, and i couldn't believe what i saw, it was like a whole other world, but doing what any other kid would do i went further into this mysterious world, and it felt like every thing was staring at me, but i kept going further instead of going back, that was the worst decision of my life. When i went further i saw unicorns, gnomes, elf's, talking animals, it was like everything was just a dream.... but it wasn't, none of this was a dream.... OH NO i got to go i think they found hhevdsfaygufgrefhj........

author note- I know this story might be short but thats all that was on my mind and i do plan on making more soon so yeah hope you enjoy :D

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i was just writing what was on my mind so yeah :D so like i said it might not make sense, and it okay to say if its bad, cause this is like the worst story i ever wrote XD


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oh and the rest of my storys and the rest of the chapters of this will be way better so yeah :D