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the closet part 3

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the closet part 3

January 14 2025,

so umm i think i found something useful, its a map of this land, and it shows where all the portals are too, so i might be able to get out of here i just need to figure out what time the soldiers switch places, but witch would be better

*at night*

so um in waiting for them to switch now, ummm im hiding in a bush right now -_- XD

wow never thought i would be doing this right now but yeah, i guess i am, well umm they have not moved yet but yeah im still gonna wait.

*few hours later*

okay so they started to move, its 4:00 at night, i have been waiting for 4 hours umm well

im gonna go to sleep now and ill be back tomorrow to leave, well hopefully, umm well bye.

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i know the closet story sucks but im gonna make a better version when i finish it


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