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The Confused Girl


The Confused Girl

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I wrote a story for my L.A. class and I figured it was worth sharing. So here.

Maxine was "normal" in most ways, but she had a brain disorder called "Schizophrenia". She would often see or hear things differently. School life was difficult because she saw words and pictures much differently compared to other children. Maxine's family found out when she was about three years of age. She would have nightmares that "Came to life" is how she described it. She would see some people as something she saw in her dreams.

When Max was in her teen years, she often questioned the reality she was seeing. Sometimes what she would see would scare her now. In fact she ended up having panic attacks often aswell, but she was medicated for that. Max was an artistic girl, but due to her disorder she saw what she would draw or paint differently.

When Max was about Nineteen years of age she was in a car accident. This car accident had caused her to lose her memory. She began to panic when she woke up in a hospital bed in a white room with an IV in her arm. A woman walked into the room. Max had never seen this woman, yet the woman had insisted she was Max's mother. But to Max she didn't know her. Max didn't even know her own name. Eventually the woman left the room sobbing gently.

Max was still confused and worried. She could hear her heart beating quickly and it sounded like a pounding in her head. She looked to the walls and they seemed to drip and bleed white paint and the pounding in her head intensified. She could hear a loud beeping machine matching the pounding and someone rushed in.

This time a man in a white coat, he slowly lade her downand began to try to calm her. This is not an easy task and the same to make her panic more because the more she looked at him his face changed and molded something gruesome. Nothing seems to be what it really was. Max is screened in more doctors and nurses ran in.

Max had started kicking and struggling against them. She saw them as something like walking dead people, their skin looked Decatur and run. The staff had no choice but to sedate her. The next time max woke up she was in the bed but the room had no walls and all around her was a red mist.

The floor was metal and cold to the touch. Max was still in the hospital gown and she stood up looking around, she shivered as her bare feet touched the freezing ground. She began walking and looking around lost in the mist. The bed disappeared. She squinted as she saw something in the haze of the mist, and it was coming towards her.

It looked giant it had sharp teeth and claws, but still like any person. As she saw this she ran the other direction as quick as she could. Max ran to the edge of the floor still no walls, but what looks like a long drop down. she look behind her and saw this thing. She was scared she didn't realize only she was seeing this.

She saw more of the creatures approaching but in reality these were nurses who had chased her through the halls. In reality she had gotten out of bed, pulled out her ivy, and wanted the halls of the hospital. So she didn't realize it that was the truth. She had a nurse was a nearby breakfast tray. The staff brushed her and sedated her. She was putting the behavioral hospital because of this out burst.

Because if a schizophrenic person loses their memory what is their reality?

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