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The Fast Faller

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The Fast Faller

Summer is coming to a end so fast I thought to myself as I sat there at the bowling alley. At the same time I couldn't wait for summer to end so I could go see my friends, but at the same time I didn't because I was going a new school and i was a freshman. So when I was walking in the hall ways I saw this boy pass me he had the kindest smile, pretty blue eyes, and the type of boy I know I should not fall for. I figured out he was going to the same class as I was, and I was glad I didn't tell him he had pretty eyes. One day after I was walking to class he had run up to me and I was confused. He said that me and him needs to talk and I was scared at that point why would someone like him want to talk to someone like me? He said " He was shy but he liked me and thought I was funny, cool, smart, kind, caring, and really pretty." People told me not to fall fast for him but I don't know what real love meant. So me and him started to date and than after a week later he broke up with me because there was a more prettier person then me came along. Yes I should had listen to my friends but I just wanted someone to love me.

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Brandy Carringer


Hey y'all this is my First short story can y'all give me some feedback, and hope you like it!!


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