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The First kiss

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The First kiss

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His left hand gently touched the right side of my face. It took every ounce of me not to push my cheek into his palm. His right hand carefully trailed up my left side, momentarily stopping just below my breast but long enough for his thumb to caress the underside of it. His body was just inches away from mine. The rough hand that once rested on my right cheek now effortlessly guided my chin upward so that my eyes would meet his. For a split second everything froze; the radio went silent, the stars shined brighter, and the air was warmer. He had taken my breath away, and I suddenly forgot how to breathe. In one swift movement he had his hands cupping my face and had his lips softly pressed against mine. The was no resisting, but instead I found myself completely at his mercy. The way he kissed me was like no kiss I had ever experienced before. There was so much emotion and passion behind it. His hands had since moved from my face to my hips where his thumbs carefully brushed against my skin that was slowly becoming more exposed from my fitted t-shirt. I let myself become completely submissive to him, to what he wanted and how he wanted it. He swept me off my feet and I settled with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. His hands slowly wandered from my thighs to hips and then back to my thighs. Never once did he give me the chance to catch my breath, for he was still determined to kiss me and never stop. Every time my eyes met his, I could see how hungry he was for something more. Upon returning to the ground on my own feet, he strategically placed me between his body and my truck. Carefully dominating me with his height, and letting his weight pin me, he let me create a trail of kisses from the bottom of his neck back to his lips. Slightly moaning, we both knew that this was starting to go to far, yet neither of us wanted to stop. His hands would pull me closer, and his lips would find mine with no problem even though there were no lights around. My legs grew weaker and weaker the more he kissed me. I found myself clinging to him, not realizing I was standing on my tippy toes every time our lips met. When I was able to breathe again, my cheeks were burning hot. He smiled as if he had just conquered the world. Deep down, he had conquered the world, only it was my world that he now claimed as his.

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