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Chapter 1

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(Chapter 1) The Elevator

(POV of the main character)

I hate it when people stand near each other when it's hot. Crowds, I really hate those. I'm exhausted from work and miss the rush hour train to get home. I walk all the way back to my apartment building and go inside. I live on the 6th floor, so I wait for the elevator lift. Another crowd in there.

An old man and his wife, a college student, a businessman in a suit, a mom with a baby on her back and another holding her hand, and two twins from elementary school.

We all get inside the lift. And as the elevator doors are about to close, this girl in a black dress slips past them. The weight buzzer goes off. The elevator doors open up. Hmm, I guess that makes sense. The elevator lift only supports 9 adults. Two kids have around the same weight as one adult, I guess. She looks embarrassed and tries to get off. I smile and step out of the lift. She's smiling back at me as the doors close. Really cute. I didn't want to be stuck on a full elevator anyway, totally worth it. I don't feel like waiting and decide to take the stairs instead. I enter my apartment and turn on the TV. The news is talking about some girl that's gone missing. She was last seen with a black dress and near the place I live as well. It reminds me of the girl I've seen in the elevator. The news shows a picture of the missing girl. Aah, it's not the same girl.

Conclusion: The main character of the story is not good at math. Let's say the college student, the main character, and the girl in the black dress all count as adults. Two kids make up one adult. So the total number of adults is 9. The elevator lift supports 9 adults, so there is no problem. So that must mean there is an extra body... It's on the top of the elevator lift. The girl that is missing to be precise.

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