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The girl in my dream part 1


The girl in my dream part 1

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I am fourteen year old girl I live in beijing. My neighborhood is boring only little kids riding bikes all day long. I am in love with china's history especially traditional when we do anything that involves china in social studies I am in for it. My friends thank's that I am cazy and nope I am not. Sometimes I have these dream I have no idea why like this girl keeps poping up in my dream she wearing like a qing dynasty clothing I think I can't make it out because it is blurry. she has blood on her hands and she is crying and she looks similar to me I flet bad at frist but she hand blood on her hands? did she murder some one? i have so many question the next moring I was in my way to wait for the bus I almost missed it luckily my friend told the buss driver to wait on me. Than I sit on the seat I see first in the buss. I told my friend about my dreams she just laughed at it she said do you believe in it i said yes. so school went by it was boring really math,sicence. In social studies we just did this map of united kingdom. on our way to our house we.......

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