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"The House" Shortpasta made by CAL


"The House" Shortpasta made by CAL

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A abandoned house was spotted near the woods in America near the woods obviously , the house looked creepy , so i decided to check it out.

I got everything i needed: A flashlight , a camera , and a pistol in case someone attacks me.

I went to the woods , it was a long trip , but , i did not give up , it was 8:36 PM , i like exploring at night , i even had some company which is Snip32 or Jack.

We were getting closer and i found the hut , i turned my camera on , however , when i looked to my right , i saw a grinning figure , it was creepy when it said "Watch out , you better turn your backs now while you can" , we were crept out by that figure and we continue until we have reached the house , it was red and broken , but , we went in anyways , it was horrifying.

There were dead bodies and decapitated heads and a writing on the wall , it was written with blood saying "I TOLD YOU TO TURN BACK , NOW HE'S COMING , RUN" it was creepy , we took pictures inside the house.

Suddenly we heard footsteps outside the door , saying "Hello , can anyone open the door please?".

I told Jack to open the door while i was taking pictures of everything inside , i heard Jack screaming , i went there only to see Jack dead , i saw the grinning figure again , he was holding an axe while grinning.

I jumped off the window and ran away.

Lucky thing is that i was safe and i escaped , the bad thing is Jack came back saying holding a knife "Never betray me" before he was able to kill me , he was shot by a cop saying "Freeze" then he looked at me then sent me back home.

I was safe now , and i wish i never went there in the first place.

Even if you're reading this , he will be waiting for you outside at night.

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