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the invasion

The randomness of the punctuation and the breaks in the lines are a purposeful choice.○


her fingertips held corrosive dimensions,
each one differing from the other; she
curled them into a fist, and somewhere
behind her lids a supernova blackened her vision.
the utter chaos of the colours tugged at the strings to her little drum.
the beat was raw, relishing the walls of the tunnels that were flooding with ecstasy.
all movement stopped as her fingernails dug in further,
biting into the skin, injecting her with destruction;
she carried the worlds in the river of her creation,
and they traveled together, merging at some point only to diverge as they neared the strings.
the threads vibrated and the pandemonium dissolved
into a celestial celebration.
every sinew echoed the thrums of her drum, the cage unable to tame the wilderness of her soul.
the havoc rendered her indestructible.
just then, the celebration knocked upon the doors of her mind's eye
but it's cerebral approach tried desperately to find some meaning.
The rejection it faced, seeded venom
into the innocent imposter
and the ringing died as suddenly as it's birth.
And somewhere,
behind her lids,
she died with it.

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