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The Journey So Far


The Journey So Far

Fighting the walls I put up in my mind,

but I pile on the bricks higher and higher

let the rain fall on my face and wash away the pain I felt

and soft as velvet was the heart I held near me

clearly, I can see past what lies ahead

and there's nothing more left for me

as I close the door of this faded old blue house

past the picket fence where the paint is chipped and the grass is too long

and I'm walking along a cobble stoned path my mind drew out for me

put the pen to the paper and my mind to the lines

feel the lyrics that I write and the sun on my skin

get lost in the art and the rhythm of my pain

and what I gained is what I lost

but something I gained was always borrowed anyway

love and distrust, the comfort and the sorrow

let me live another day and thank god for tomorrow

I keep pushing forward, not sure what lies ahead

for tomorrow is a new life

and yesterday is dead.

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Mimi @mimidey
Another fine one :)