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The Kingdom

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The Kingdom

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Once upon time, there was a girl. She was a princes. Her name was Emily. She has two wonderful parents. There names were Lola and Josh. There was a mad,mean guy. He didn't come in the village because they had a jail. In the jail there was cells no one can break out from the jail because theirs a secret key to open the jail cells. But Emily liked the guy. So she tried to sneaked out from the village. But she got caught trying to leave the village to see the mean guy. The guys name is Jake. He hates everyone in the village besides Emily. But one day they meet each other and they feel in love. So Emily told her parent while Jake told his parents. They both thought they were to old for them to boss them around so they were fine with it. So Emily and Jake started dating. Then it was five years later. They got married. They loved each other so much. The bad and mad guy became a nice and sweet guy that everyone loved. But Emily's parents died. So they had to bury them. But they got over it and then they became the king and queen of the village.They had two children. One of them was a boy and one of them was a girl. They named them Josh and Lola . They were a happy family they lived with a lot of friends. They went to school for five years. They had a great time. Eight years later. Now the kids are seventeen years old. They are twins. They meet new people. The had a lot of fun. The family is famous. One night they had a party. They brought all there friends over to the party. It was to 1:00 p.m- 4:30 p.m. Every one enjoyed the party they think that we should do it again. We said, "Yeah we should to this again it was so much fun. But next time can we do it longer because this party is way to short." Now its the next morning. Its my birthday yea!!! Now we are EIGHTEEN!!!!! I cant wait to have my party tonight. Now its the morning. They had a good time. But no one came out because they stayed in they wonted it to be over. No went outside they stayed inside there house. No one went out for five years. They lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!! *They loved each other so much*.

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eva @evathedeva
this is my story.
eva @evathedeva
This is my best story i ever made