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The Lover


The Lover

You're like a puzzle piece,

took up a corner of my heart

moved boxes into my thoughts and built a home

but you kept all of the locks.

Ironic were the words you said, that you would keep me safe

but when I asked how to open a door

you took away my escape.

I struggled for an imagination,

false thoughts were the waged war of the clever

silver tongue that created bullets

I needed you, wanted you more than ever.

Weakness is a state of mind,

it carries me so sweetly,

but when the ignorance crept in as well,

it was only I that had felt guilty.

So when I took another lover,

I was hesitant at first

because of all the liars of this life,

I'd never seen truth at first.

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Danielle Willard


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Mimi @mimidey
You always tell it from the heart :)
Danielle @daniellewillard

I try my best!