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The Mad Queen's Son: Fatherland Ch. 1: Pre-chapter forward

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The Mad Queen's Son: Fatherland Ch. 1: Pre-chapter forward

Chapter 1

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Psychokenisis: Originally the ability to move objects with one's mind, this term often refers more generally to the ability to use one's mind in order to create any form of extra-somatic movement whether it be kinetic, moving physical objects, or even the movement of heat energy in the sub-discipline of calor-kenisis.

Psychometabolics: The ability to manipulate the vital energies of the body in order to influence changes within one's own body or the body of another ranging from simple bio-feedback to raise or lower blood pressure to encouraging or manipulating cell division to speed healing. At higher levels, psychometabolics can be used to drastically change the way a person's body works.

Telepathy: The ability to communicate mentally, directly connecting one's mind to that of another person.

Psychocognition: A rare and difficult to utilize application of psionics where one is able to gain information by means beyond the physical senses.

Metapsionics: A powerful psionic ability to augment, weaken, or alter the nature of other psionic powers. This power is exceedingly rare and thought to be an ability held only by the nephilime.

These are the five known schools of psionics. Among the 5 schools, several sub-disciplines exist, such as the sub-discipline of Psychokenisis to manipulate heat energy, calor-kenisis, and its fairly famous specific application to manipulate fire, Pyrokenisis, or its counter-part to rob objects of their heat and lower their temperature, Chryo-kenisis.

Of these sub-disciplines, perhaps the one sub-discipline least respected by the general populous is that of psychic empathy, a fairly broad sub-discipline of Telepathy. While the general populous may lack respect for this fairly subtle application of mental contact, most militaries have found it to be so invaluable that it has almost become a requirement for any form of squad leader of field commander to have this ability. Where the school's namesake discipline, telepathy, allows one to gain a far deeper and broader scope of information, the level of information taken in proves too much to make a quick snap decision on. An empath, on the other hand, can not only grasp immediately whether or not there is a human mind nearby, but can also tell just as quickly whether or not they are hostile, and that is all the information one needs to operate on.

In this way, empaths quickly came to represent nearly all of the upper command structure of the military, and all other psionic disciplines became mere utilities for the machine.

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Hello everyone, this is just the forward to the first chapter in my story. A quick blurb before the real story starts to explain a portion of the lore of the world. Although, in this case, it's some less understood lore about a subject fairly famous already.


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