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The Missing Child


The Missing Child

"Where am I? Mommy, mommy, where are you?" Tommy shouted, his voice trembling. "Someone please help me-"

"Shut up." Shouted a man. "Shut up before I chop your tongue off, you little bitch."

Tommy whimpered quietly. "Jace, you're scary him. If he wets his pants, I swear I'm gonna-"

"You shut up too." Jace interrupted again. "I just want peace and quiet, Jackie. Peace and fucking quiet."

They drove for about an hour until Jace suddenly stopped the car. "Hey kid, wake the hell up and get out."

"I wasn't sleeping." Tommy whispered. "Who are you? Where am I? Where's my-"


Tommy did as told. As soon as he got out Jackie grabbed ahold of him. "Jace are you sure this is the genius? He just looks like a normal kid."

"Of course I'm sure. Now get him inside."

"It'd be nice if you'd say 'please' every once in a while." Jackie muttered below her breath.

"Excuse me ma'am." Tommy whispered to Jackie. "Can you tell me where I am?"

"Sorry kid, I can't tell you that."

"Can you at least tell me when I can go home? Please!" Tommy pleaded.

Jackie sighed. "When we get our money."

"Hey, you guys shut the hell up over there and get inside the damn house." Jace yelled.

Jackie rolled her eyes and pulled Tommy along as they walked towards an old house with broken windows and a fence that was in for dire need of painting. Tommy noticed that some of the stairs were missing. "How do we get in the house?" Tommy asked.

"We climb." Jackie turned to face Tommy. "Can you climb kid?"

Tommy nodded his head. He was excellent at climbing. But, he was pretty good at falling too.

Tommy and Jackie climbed a ladder on the side of the house and jumped into a window.

"Why don't you just fix the stairs?" Tommy asked.

"Because we have no money. That's why you're here."

"How can I bring you money?" Tommy was very confused. "I'm just a kid."

"You're not just a kid, Tommy. You more than just a kid. You're out ticket out of this hell on earth. You can help us Tommy." Jackie had a wild look in her eyes that Tommy was afraid of.

"How can I get out of here," Tommy thought to himself. "Away from these crazy people."

For the first time in his life Tommy didn't have a plan. What is he going to do?

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Book of love nice heart pages wallpaper

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winnona @morningsinger 270
An interesting story. I assume there is a second part. I am new to Story St Labs. Could you tell me if there is a second part I would like to read it. It leaves the reader hanging .
Sol @Sm;)e

I'm new to Story St Labs too. I hope someone helps you out.

Sol @Sm;)e
Interesting start. I hope I'll get to read more of it.
tazia @Bonnie
I totally agree that it's interesting. I think that you should make it into a story.
lionel @lionelwalfish
elaborated on this could be a very interesting story. Give it a go !
Kiera @kierapatrick
I agree this sounds interesting but wish someone would make this a story
Aaiz @aaizwaheed
I wish you write more than just a sentence.
Ahmed @ahmedmustafa
very nice story be write more