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The mysterious basement!


The mysterious basement!

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Maci was a young girl who lived with her father, her mother had left her and left her father custody of his little girl. Nobody knew what went on behind closed doors though, the father was a drunken. He locked his daughter in the basement and tormented her, he would abuse and harm her until she finally came to pass. After the death if his daughter he decided to move away, not long after a family of 5 moved into the apartment, getting settled in they decided to explore and get to know the house. 10:26 came around and the parents decided it was time for bed. In the middle of her deep sleep the mother was awaken by a little girl screaming and crying, she ran to her child's room too find nothing wrong and that she was not the one screaming nor were her sisters , noticing the cries for help and screams of pain were coming from down stairs! she grabbed a baseball bat and headed down, the screams and cries faintly disappeared leaving a dumbfounded mother standing there confused. In the morning after breakfast the 3 sisters were playing on the sports field down the road from the house, the mother decided to roam the basement. Cries were heard again and she looked to the corner to see a little white figure crying with her knees to her chest. She walked over to her and tried to touch her shoulder bit went straight through the girl. She turned around and whispered to the woman, "he got me" and continued sobbing into her already wet legs. The mother decided to do some snooping into the past, she read the article on the man and daughter and watched interviews. The family decided to pay the 'father' a visit and talked to him. He just sat there starring ahead slightly swaying, the family just went back to the house and stayed in the living room. The front door slightly opened, making a creaking noise as doing so, they looked in the hallway and saw muddy footprints leading to the basement. They opened the door and seen the man standing there glaring at the little spirit girl with dagger eyes. They decided it was dangerous so they locked him in the basement and left the house for good. But was the man finished.. Or just starting with the family?....

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Angel @angeledmonds
That was one of the best plot lines i've read in a long time. Thank you for making my day have a good one bye :)
Jodie @jodiebradley
I love the idea of the abused girl. I think it should have escalated a little bit more, because it was an extremely short story. I still think that once it has been expanded, it is a really good idea.
Ismari @ismariblanco
Could have had a better ending
Angel @angeledmonds

ya but it was still awesome right?

Shanley @Shan Shan
Spine chilling..... I LOVE IT!!
Erica @ericamartin
Its really good it doesnt matter if its long or short its really insrational to me thank you