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The Mysterious Noises

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The Mysterious Noises

by 117948350594351307408 Shyanne Rieder 2 mins.

Chapter 1

One sunny August morning there was this couple that just moved into a new house. Their names were Miranda and Skyler, Miranda is pregnant with a baby boy. They were getting comfortable then one night they heard a weird noise down in the kitchen. The couple ignored it for the night. The next night the couple woke up to hearing the door creaking open. The next night Skyler stays up to make sure that they weren't just hearing anything. Later that night the door creaks open and there was nothing there, so the next night Skyler sets up a camera pointing towards the doorway. In the morning the couple watched the video but it cut out before they could see what it was.

One week later the couple heard a weird noise down the hall from their room. They claimed it sounded like a little kid screaming for help. They set up cameras around the whole house the next night so if one cuts out the other one will pick it up. They went to bed that night. The next morning they watch the clips and to see that all the clips have seemed to cut out around the same time. The couple started thinking that it was a spirit doing it. That night Miranda went to bed and Skyler stayed up to make sure that nothing was going to bother her.

In the morning Miranda found bite marks on her arms. She showed them to Skyler, he said that she has to get them checked out. Later that day when they got back from the emergency room Miranda started to have very strong contractions but it wasn’t her due date, she was only 34 weeks along. She was going to lay down and relax when her water broke she started to panic, she yelled for Skyler he ran down the stairs like a mad man to see what the yelling was about. When he got to the couch he had seen that her water has broke. He carried her out to the car, sat her in the back seat, and started driving. He drove like a nascar driver. When they arrived to the hospital Skyler rushed into the hospital, grabbed a wheelchair and brought Miranda to the front desk. He was panicking while saying that his girlfriend is in labor. One of the nurses took her to the ninth so they could deliver the baby. After two hours of being labor baby Jordan Michael Simpson was finally delivered. He weighed 8.5 Lbs. and was 20.79 In. When he was ready to come home he has a room all set up right next to is parents.

A week or two passed then the spirit started messing with Jordan as well. He would be found in is crib with red marks on his arms and legs. One night they brought Jordan into their room and in the middle of the night he woke up screaming. Miranda jumped awake to see why Jordan was screaming and there was nothing there so she got him to calm down and went back to bed. In the morning they checked Jordan and there were bruises and bite marks all over him. The following day the family was almost all packed. They moved out the following day.

The family moved in a new house. They started to unpack and noticed that on one of the pictures it said “I'm still here” in something that looked like blood. Miranda started to panic while calling for Skyler, after he read that he started to yell “what did we do to deserve this?” Jordan started screaming like he was being murdered. The couple dropped whatever they had in their hands and ran to him. He was pinned against the ceiling screaming by this time he was 6 months old.

The next morning they called for an exorcist for the demon. He said that he will be there the following morning and to be ready to stay somewhere for the next 24 to 38 hours.

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