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The Mysterious stranger


The Mysterious stranger

Chapter 1

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The Mysterious stranger - Chapter 1

Introverts - You know how they are ! quiet, sincere looking, calm yet dangerous. I was in the train that day, When I saw him, I was drowned in my book - The da vinci code,because mystery I loved always.

He was the one with white shirt,blue denims, smart one with the starry eyes and staring at me Like I am something to eat but only when I wasn't looking back. seems he wasn't the one creepy and sticky guys. I could feel the vibes.

For sometime I tried to look at the window and then I looked at him, caught the mysterious man staring at me. My station came I had to go.I left the train with this incomplete feeling.

I came to home thinking about the feeling and the way he was staring right at me. I never felt that way before. such intense look and I just felt I know him, I know him, i know him

Oh my gosh, Robert, Robert was there staring right at me. Oh what a fool I am.

But why didn't he approach me. he was my very good old friend and He just stopped seeing me suddenly few years ago after we met just for like three or four times. You know why, he always used to say, " i don't have the strength to stay away from you, it would be great If we stop meeting, just stop meeting me, I am not able to stop myself when I am with you and I know that is what you want too, but it's not good for you and you know that ! You exactly know that Elena, don't you ?

It was all me. It was my fault. i couldn't tell him what he meant to me. I couldn't stop him from leaving. He was all that was different. You know How it is for introvert there are really few people close to you. He didn't experience many things in life because he was such a closed book. I promised him that I will make you feel all the things you haven't felt yet ! and the thing was my past and trust issues always held me back from living fully.

I was just having my shower thinking all of this,How to get him back and start gain. I heard a knock on the door and I went in to answer but there was a just note left on the ground saying

- I know you are thinking about me. Baby, your eyes couldn't ever lie to me !

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