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Chapter 1

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Who am I, What am I? These are the questions I've asked myself for 10 yrs after my wife dissapeared. I have spent the last 9 yrs searching for her and I still can't find her. I am now 30 and I still miss her and love her. I am now in France living living out the rest of my life in Paris. Iwas eating breakfast when suddenly my computer chimes. I look over and see that I have a email. So I get up from my kitchen table and drag my feet over to the desk and plop my tired ass down in the black leather chair and open the email. This is what it said: "I know how long and how hard you have searched for her and I can help but you must trust and believe me when I say I know what country she is in but before I tell you I need you to meet me at the top of the Eiffel tower and I will fill you in on what I know. The box that I sent you contains a hat from a movie called "Alien" I think it is a Captain Dallas NOSTROMO hat. Wear it when you get to the tower and I will be able to find you much easier. Meet me there at 12:00 noon and I will help you but it will be better if you are there at 11:30 as to beat the noon crowd. See you soon." I sat here thinking that this could be the end of my decade long search for my gorgeous wife ...........You see she was the most sexiest woman that I have the pleasure to fall in love with. I reaally miss her waist length, curly, blonde hair, her piercing baby blue eyes, her warm, dazzling, beautiful smile, her voice so soft like an angel from heaven , her long sexy legs that made everyone stare at her beauty, and her touch felt like bliss when I was in that car crash when we were 18 yrs old. She made me speechless whenever she would kiss me with those sexy lips that tasted like sweet cinnamon and another thing her lips also made me want to come back for more of those kisses, her touch my hands and look in my eyes with such tenderness. When I thought about this I also thought that this vould be the end of my decade long search for her or and this made me pee my pants alittle "I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I might be a little paranoid but when your spouse dissapears suddenly then come talk to me you idiot. As I sat at my desk I also ran through my plan B just in case I had to make a quick escape. I then got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my backpack and left my apt. as I walked towards the tower I prepared myself for the possiblity that this may not work out. 30 mins later I get to the tower. Another 6 or 7 mins later I am at the top of the tower. Man, I am tired and I just want to find my wife and hold her. But then I thought what if she doesn't love me anymore, what if she remarried? I mean I want her to be happy but I would be heartbroken. I reached the top of the tower and found a bench to sit down on. I then took off my backpack set it down next to me on the bench and opened it to pull out the hat I then zipped up the bag and put on the hat. I stood up and put the bag back on and stretched my muscles. I then walked towards the closest coin operated goggles i put in 25 francs and peered through it.God it is so beautiful I can even see my apt from here. i pulled back from the binocs and walked towards the eastern corner of the tower to look out over the river . As I was looking at the scenery I felt a gloved hand rest on my shoulder. I held my breath and slowly turned around. OH! MY! GOD! It can't be!!!! It's a very gorgeous woman that looks very familiar. I slowly reached out and gently touched her face. I got a jolt that collasped my legs and made me pass out. It felt like a week had passed when I woke up so I stayed where I laid and looked around at my surroundings and when I turned my head to see what I was laying on. It was a pretty damn comfortable bed that looked like it could fit 5 people on it I thought ok not bad. I tried to sit up and with some joints popping I made it as I stood up I panicked because i was not in my side of town. I grabbed my bag and started out the door as I exited I noticed that I just left a huge mansion that was in a private neighborhood. as I ran towards the gate I heard someone yell to me "Wait, stop" but I didn't hear the rest because I was already climbing over the spiked gate to escape but as I landed on the ground I felt my left arm snap and screamed in severe pain. At that moment, I heard a woman yell "Be careful he may have just broken his arm." I just got up grabbed my bag and ran in fear and in pain to my apt. I then turned right and entered a huge bakery. As i walked in a waitress asked me if I was ok I just said yes and then asked her where the men's restroom was she pointed towards the kitchen and said "Just go through those doors and it will be to your left." I thanked her and went that way as I pushed through the doors I heard the front doors open and a man ask "Has anyone seen this man he is severely injured and has a possible broken arm?" the waitress pointed towards the doors I was standing at . I panicked and started to turn when the man shouted after me "I don't want to hurt you I only want to help you please" "You are safe at the mansion. She really misses you Logan please." I gave up and walked towards him. He then lead me to this black Lincoln town car and opened the door for me. I said thanks and slid in the car as did he. the door then closed and the car pulled away. I looked at him and asked "Who is the woman?" he replied "a woman that still loves you very much and wants to help you." I asked him " Am I going to die?" He just laughed at me and said "I am not your enemy but you must trust me or die out there." So I got into the car as we drove away he told me "I can lead you to your wife but you must complete a series of tests in order to see your wife." I knew I didn't have a choice so I just took a deep breath and replied "What do I need to do?" He looked at me and smiled and pointed out the window towards a 4 story building and replied " The way to your wife that you seek is in there go in ask complete the tests and you shall see your wife. So I get out of the car, walk towards the building, open the door step inside and the door slammed shut encasing me in total darkness. What are the tests? Who is giving me these tests? Will I ever find my wife? I step deeper into the darkness to find out. THE END!

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