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the nice bad boy

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the nice bad boy

There he was, Aiden Scott. Perfect Brown hair, beautiful Hazel eyes, and smooth Olive skin that Penelope, his girlfriend touches all day. And what I mean by that is she will literally be all over him at school and follow him like a lost puppy. As I leaned against my locker, my lips curved into a smile. Aiden was holding her hand. Sweet right? What Aiden doesn’t know is that beautiful Penelope is a manipulative nasty little slut who only uses guys for their body. And I know this because… I’ve seen it. Not just once, but 100 times. My smile soon fades once Aiden smashes his lips onto hers. I have to admit it. Was pretty freaking hot. I watched as Aiden pressed her body softly on the wall kissing her showing how much he cared for her while she kissed him with no emotion. What a bitch! I thought. I looked at my watch and smiled. The bell was going to ring meaning I get to stare at Aiden in class all day. Did I mention I had all my classes with him?


“Good morning Mr. G.” I say making my way to my seat which was in the very back. Don’t ask why. He looks up and smiles. “Good morning” I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. Mr. G isn’t my teacher with benefits. We just get along very well and… he’s awesome. One time when I forgot my lunch, he shared his with me and bought me a soda!

Anyways… once everyone sat down in their seats, Mr. G began to write our assignment on the board. “Who was the third president of the Uni- before Mr. G could finish his sentence, Aiden and Penelope walked in. “ Sorry I uh forgot to get something from my locker” Aiden says smiling. Obviously he was lying considering Penelope’s hair was messy and her zipper was down. Mr. G rolls his eyes before pointing to the two desks that were left. Penelope gives him a cold stare then sits down in her desk. Luckily Aiden’s desk was far away from her. I smiled and just stared at him. He bent down, unzipped his back pack and grabbed his red binder. Once he opened it, he sighed. There wasn’t any paper in his binder so he just looked around the class room like an idiot.

“Do you need some paper?” I ask him. He quickly turns his head and smiles. “Yeah. Thanks.” I open my back pack and pull out paper. “Thanks. He says again taking the paper from my small pale hands. I’m not a vampire if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just really white. I have blue eyes, whitish blonde hair, medium sized lips and perfect white teeth. I’m not exactly the prettiest but I am defiantly not ugly.


Finally the bell rang and everyone except me and Aiden rushed out of class. I quickly gathered my belongings and rushed past him but me being me bumped into him. Sorry I - “its okay luv don’t worry.” Aiden says. I nervously laugh tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear before quickly picking up my papers. “Let me get that for you” he helps me get my things and smiles. "I'm Aiden by the way" No duh. " nice to meet you. i'm B- "Billie, i know." He says smiling. Yes i know! Billie is a boy name but that's what my parents decided to call me so... don't say anything. before i can say anything back the bell rang meaning i was late to class. GREAT

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marlyn @marlyn12
Nice story please continue the story and make sure not to include bad I get the point becuse it's a bad boy thing....I respect that.NICE WORK.
NoHateBruh @nohatebruhjazmin

thanks and i'll try