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The Parking Lot


The Parking Lot

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In a dark parking lot, there is a small truck where a man is sleeping. The man is Mike Brown who just got thrown out of his house by his wife when he ht her over an argument. The sound of a car engine wakes Mike up. Startled, Mike looks around the lot to see five men circled around. He realized that a drug deal is going on and tries not to attract any attention. Mike watches them and see that they start to get violent as he sees them yelling at each other. The next thing that happens will remains in his mind forever. One of them took out a gun and started to shoot the other people. One person is shot in the heart and dies instantly while the other were shot in the arm, leg, and stomach. As the people start screaming in agony, Mike turns the car on and drives out of the parking lot as fast as he can. When Mike leaves the lot and look in the review mirror to see the man shooting at his car. The man shot his tires causing Mike to spins out of control and crashed into a ditch.

Mike wakes up from his blackout and sees that his legs are broken and his arm is twisted backwards. He starts to freak out and tries to move but every movement is like a knife stabbing him. Mike stops moving and starts to accept his fate as he hears a knock on the door.

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  • #thriller

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