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The Revolt

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The Revolt

Chapter 1

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Charmer eyes slowly open, yet he could only see darkness. He could hear whispering, also... Sobbing? Out of nowhere a man with a loud whimpering voice shouted out "You Maggots! Release this magic and let me out of these chains." As Charmer heard the man say Chains and he felt his body grow cold and stiff. "Chains" He mutters quietly to himself, as he moved his arms away from the wall, they reach far at least far enough to give him a false sense of hope. Only for it be cut away but the unsettling noise of chains clinging to the wall behind him.

As Chills go down his spine the pitch darkness, slowly fade as a red fire seemed to vanquish the darkness. When Charmer eyes adjusted to the light he found himself in a cellar, quiet the large cellar. A line of nobles was on the wall in front of him many were still dress in they fancy outfits, a young boy next to him let out a scream. "You think this is funny!? You noble fuck! Go to hell!." Many noble turn their heads to the boy and open their mouths, but a loud clank came from a door where a single torch was lit, silencing everyone. Charmer look at the wall he was chain up to, most of the people who were chain with him were the same age as him twelve maybe thirteen, he thought back to the day before he had just turned thirteen why would this happen to him? The door flung open with a mighty shove, then six people came into the room. Some wore hoods hiding their faces, other wore a proud grin as they enter the room and look at their new cattle, gold pouch in hand.

Slowly they started to walk around, they all turn towards the noble at first and all their grin would become smiles as they pointed towards one of them, and heard they plead for mercy. Men in full Chain Mailed Armour would come into the room upon command and drag the person away, some would beg, but most quietly accepted their fates once the chain men came in, until a familiar voice caught Charmer's ear. "You're all peasants! Stay away! I command you as your future duke!" They all stop and look at one another, "As the host of this selling, I am now opening a betting, its simple, most gold gets the dukes son." The dukes son sat there shaking in fear as the "Buyers" stared at him and tried to judge his worth in gold.

The Buyers slowly started to bid on the poor noble, "100! 250! 1000!" As the bids went up the chain men came inside and stood next to the noble. A soft voice came from charmer side, he turns to it to find, his older sister lying on the ground, fresh blood lying underneath her. Her black hair somehow had gotten darker with the dried and damp blood in her hair. There were fresh cuts all the way down her arms and her legs, she lied there looking back and forth between Charmer and the Buyers. "Don't let them know you can use magic, hide it.... please." They both stared at each other for a second, then a loud "Yes!" Came from the other side of the room, they look over to see a man in a hood holding up his fist in excitement. He turns and gave the Seller his money for the noble, the noble scream for his life "Please! Anyone else, I'm useless! PLEASE!" The Seller raised his hand and the chain men pick him up and slowly dragged him out of the room, his face had turned pale and cold, to Charmer the noble had started to look like a corpse.

Once the dukes son was gone all of them turn their attention towards Charmer wall, they stared at the line slowly moving their eyes as they scan over everyone. Slowly they all kinda frowned as their eyes started to pay more attention to the ground than us, some even shook their heads and started to head for the door of the room. Then the Seller walks over to Charmer sister side and starts to use is godlike tongue. "This one put up quite the fight, even leaving me the scar." He said as he pulled up his shirt and showed a scar that was no bigger then twig, but the Buyers seemed impressed at her accomplishment. Our uncle is a former monk, and he taught us how to fight with our fist but nothing else he always went on about how fighting with weapons is wrong, killing is wrong. Charmer was brought out of daydream as a buyer pointed in his direction! The chainmen walk towards him, his heart stops as they walk to his left and pull a person beside him, who goes quietly into his new life.

"I'll take the girl for 400." Charmer's eyes widen as the seller node his head, then a person came in behind him, he was filled with hope as thoughts of it being a hero, a knight, he would take the cat that always stole his food, anyone! But as the girl walks in the Seller greeted her.

Charmer couldn't help but stare as she walks into the light. Her black hair flowed down her back and gracefully stop just short of her shoulder blades. His eyes were trapped by her beauty, he scans down her body staring at her cut up shirt and rip pants. Then a scream brought him back to reality, as he watches as the chain men attempt to drag off his sister. She struggled like crazy until she found an opening and slammed her head against one of the chainmen heads, knocking him out. The other chain man pulled out his club, and his eyes widen as he jumps back from her and her hands erupted into flames.

As soon as the flames appeared they sprayed towards the Seller, but before the flames could reach him a black mist surround the flames and strangle the flames until they were just embers. When the black mist cleared the Seller stood there with a smile on his face, ember came from her hands again, as a woman appeared behind her launching a dagger at her, slashing her across the check. Before Charmer sister could do anything the women twirled around and round-house kick her in the temple, causing her to fall limp. The Seller clap as a few time as three more chain men came in, one tends to his comrade, the other dragged Charmer sister out of the room. "My carriage is the second to the front." The man said as he shook the seller's hand and gave a node to the women.

Charmer let out a scream as he watches his sister getting dragged around the corner. He rose to his feet and bolted towards the women, at first the chins held him back but he just started to scream louder from the pain. He put all his strength into his arms and let out a louder scream his voice peaking and cracking, as the rusted chain give away! As peasant and noble alike let out a scream of excitement, he charges at the women, his eyes full of anger. The women just cock an eyebrow and sung her leg to kick him. He drops down to his knees and slides under her kick. But before he could react she drop to her hands and swung her legs around in a circle causing her feet to slam into his face. "I'll take him." She said as she stood up with a satisfied smile. The Seller throws his hands into the air and gave a node. "All your's.

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