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The Romance Continues

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The Romance Continues

Chapter 1

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Misaki opened his eyes. He was laying in bed with a "Da Man" novel in his hands. "Again?"he thought to himself, he had fallen asleep reading the "Da Man" series for three nights in a row now, at this point it was getting old. Misaki got out of bed to head downstairs to make breakfast, but on his way down he heard a loud thud. As Misaki ran downstairs he wasn't shocked at what he found, it was Usagi. "Good morning" Usagi said in a calm voice, completely ignoring the broken glass salad bowl behind him. "Good morn- NO! WAIT! WHAT WERE YOU DOING JUST NOW!?" Misaki yelled. "I wanted to make breakfast but if I used heat I would have to listen to your yelling, so I figured at least I could attempt salad." Usagi said all proud. " Well I can count on you to screw up a couple plants now can't I?" Misaki said while cleaning the glass. Then out of nowhere Usagi came up behind Misaki and hugged him. "Your right, I guess you will just have to punish me now won't you?" Usagi said in a seducing sounding voice. "Do- Don't get any ideas U- Usagi, its early in the morning." Misaki said obviously blushing. "Thats even better though right? I nice way to start off the day." Usagi said, an with that he licked Misaki's neck. Misaki tried to jerk away but Usagi had him on the ground now, Usagi had control. Usagi then unbuttoned Misaki's shirt, touching him all over. Misaki felt overwhelmed but he didn't want it to end, they then started kissing uncontrollably. "U- Usagi" Misaki whispered with a bit of moan as he reached out his hand. Usagi grabbed his hand and licked his fingers. "Don't struggle Misaki, I won't hurt you neither will I let anyone hurt you. All you have to do is love me" Usagi whispered into Misaki's ear. Then Misaki opened his mouth to say something. "Usagi-san, I- I lo-" but before he could finish the doorbell rang. It was obvious Usagi wanted Misaki to finish but instead he said something else. "Ill get it." Misaki said as he got up to get the door, overwhelmed by what he almost said.

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I got so mad they ended Junjou Romantica, especially with that Season 3 ending. So to make up for it ill try to continue it! Its not the real thing and I can't deny that but I will try to make Usagi and Misaki live on by using my fanfic. Enjoy mates!


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