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The Routine


The Routine

by User avatar 1519328462 Rebecca Martin 3 mins.

"Beep Beep Beep Beep" (Cell Phone Alarm)

Finger hits snooze on the cell phone. A woman in her early thirties is buried under the covers in a loft apartment in the Chicago loop, with high ceilings and the light streaming from a tiny window. Her clothes from the night before are scattered at the foot of her bed and a mirror lays against the adjacent wall. She is small(ish) and the only part of her you can see is her arm hanging over the bed. A tabby cat jumps on to her back.

"Oh Taffy why don't you leave me alone? Mommy's gotta sleep" coming from her sleepy breath, halfway from fantasy dreams to the day to day reality.

Taffy crawls to the top of the covers where her ears are, and meows, not a purry meow, not a sweet meow, but a meow that replaces the annoying beep of her alarm. She has pink ear plugs peeking out of her ears, she takes out the ear plugs and drops them to the floor. She swings her self up, twists to the side of her bed and throws the comforter on to the floor. She stands up slowly on the cool wood. This woman's name is Allison.

"OK Taffy, today is the day."

Allison is in her college t-shirt and does a quick stretch. she grabs her cell phone from the side of her bed and finds Robyn's "Dancing On Her Own" on her Spotify cue, the music begins, and her step suddenly has a kick.

Heading to the kitchen, Allison grabs a white mug, pours in the water, and heats it in the microwave, while cutting a lemon for her hot water. Still listening to Robyn, she grabs the mug of hot lemon water and goes to her living area and sits in a big white chair facing another little window. The music is now turned off and her 6 minute timer is on. Allison is sitting up right with her bare feet on the cool floor with two pillow to prop her back erect. "Breathe in" "Breathe out" "Breathe in" "Breathe out" Her therapist's voice circles her head in the stillness and the quiet, Allison picks up a shiny stone she had collected near the sea from long ago and holds the stone between her fingers, rubbing the smoothness and bringing her to center. Allison tightens her brow, then releases, a moment of peace then "beep beep beep beep".

Allison grabs her cell phone continues Robyn's tunes and heads to the bathroom, she takes her t-shirt and panties off. Now Allison looks at her reflection, first her breasts, then scans down the rest of her naked body, gives an approving nod to her ass, and then sucks in her stomach to see what it would be like to have no stomach there, she pats her hands on her stomach, then shrugs. Quick turn of the faucet, shower is on, and Allison throws her body in to a warmish rain of comfort, also known as a shower, but it makes her feel safe and secure, like a loving hug.

Now her phone is playing David Bowie's "Life on Mars?" and Allison thinks of “Life Aquatic”, a movie by Wes Anderson, She associate's songs to the films she's seen, knowing way too much about movies, and not enough about music. She soap suds her whole body without even remembering she did it with her mind full of music and movies. So just to make sure, Allison washes her body again, "Second time's the charm" she affirms.

Shower is turned off, Allison grabs her towel, bends over to dry her legs, grabs her bathrobe and then comes the dressing. Looking at herself in the mirror, out loud she asks her self "Do I have a meeting today?", then answers in her mind "Oh yes, I'm meeting with Andrew, better wear my nicer dress today.", she smiles with a devilish thought.

The dress is on and Allison looks like she's straight out of the "Good Wife" show, playing Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick. She scrunches her curls and throws on her face. Allison keeps it simple, quick cover up here, a little blush there, powder, eye shadow, liner and "pop" mascara. All her features have now been defined and are ready for the world to see. Allison returns back to her kitchen, throws some protein powder, almond milk, and fruit in a blender. Once blended the shake is poured in a glass and drank down like a shot of whiskey. Allison grabs her bicycle bag, places her heels in the bag and throws on some slip on shoes so she can walk at a quick pace to the el (subway). Earbuds are in and now she's listening to M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" and Allison is ready to kill it. Whatever else is to come, comes.

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