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The Sea Of Blood

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The Sea Of Blood

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Her

I ran, I ran as fast as I could. It was either death or save myself. I couldn’t let her get to me. She was a monster, a freak, and a thief. I couldn’t live with her in my life no more. I had to run. Run as fast as possible. I let out a yip when I fell to the ground in pain. I lost. I lost again. She got me and now I face the pain once more. I just keep letting myself down.....


I woke up for a gasps of air. My alarm beeping louder than i remember and I still couldn’t believe nobody else woke up to it. I got out of my bed with a groan and went to get dress. “Another day of hell,” I mumbled as I got my uniform out and took out a dress. I put my uniform in my duffle bag and got my cheer shoes and did the same. I went to take a shower sighing. A shower usually calms me down from a nightmare. Actually from reality. Feeling this way is an everyday thing. Reason? Oh because I had a best friend 6th through 8th grade and then Freshman year of high school she showed me the real her. The bitch, and whore side of her. Trust me it’s not easy with her. All she does is hurt me and destroy my dreams. I have a game tonight. For cheerleading, and guess what. She’s in it too and it’s the one dream I thought I could actually do for once. Nope she had to join with me and then crush it all for me. She even sucks at most of her stunts and she still gets “good” credits for it. For me if I fail just ONCE I get screamed at by the whole team. It’s always my fault. Even if someone else drops a girl or two I get the glares of doing it. It’s always my fault apparently. Just because that chick said I did it. What I hate most is she’s skinny, small and “perfect” in everybody’s eyes. Then me, fat, ugly, stupid, pathetic and nothing. Only person who really thinks I’m none of that is my boyfriend and real best friend.

My name was just called so I quickly finished my shower and got dressed. Once I got dressed I ran downstairs. “Yes mom?”, she looks at me a little confused.

“One why are you wearing that? Do you have a game tonight?”, I nodded my head and she looked less confused. “Ok, well hurry up finish getting ready we leave in 10.” I nod my head and leave the kitchen and go to my room.

I put on some makeup and fixed my hair. I smiled in the mirror and I heard a cheerful hello from my mom and a hot voice from downstairs. Obviously Andy my boyfriend. Oh yeah before I forget, I’m Belle. My friends and boyfriend call me panda because I’m a panda freak. Well I finished getting my stuff together then got my duffle bag and backpack then ran downstairs noticing I forgot my shoes. So I threw my stuff at the bottom of the stairs then ran up to my room and threw on my black high top heels. I then walked downstairs and picked up my bags.

There he was my boyfriend. Standing their all handsome and calm. Ready for the day unlike me who just wanted to run back to her bed and sleep. He smiled and took my duffle bag. He looked at my mom and waved to her taking my hand. So obviously I figured my boyfriend was taking me to school.


Once we got to school all I got from him was a kiss and he walked me to my locker. After that, he was gone. Then like always there was Sam. The girl I was talking about earlier, looking at him like he was hers. I sighed, It was obvious he was trying to be with her. He wants her to have sex then leave. Along with me. I put my stuff in my locker and took what I need for my first class then shoved him out of my way and went to the bathroom first. I locked myself into a stale and looked down at the floor.

This is a typical day for me. Sitting in the bathroom trying not to cry. All she does is still everything from me. All I got right now is my education. I heard the door open and pretended I was just going to the bathroom. I’m used to this thing so I know how to control myself sorta by now. After about 5 minutes I knew it was Sam. So I picked up my stuff up and opened the stale and what I saw hurt even more. Their he was. My boyfriend pushed up against a wall kissing her. “WE ARE DONE!!”, I screamed before I ran out of the bathroom. The only thing I heard before I left was, “let her be she’s just a worthless piece of shit and deserves to die.” Once I was out I ran to my locker got my stuff and ran as fast as I could. I bumped into someone and then I noticed it was Juliet my best friend. I looked at her then ran out of the school. I just started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was done. With everything.

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