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The Silhouette Of Glass


The Silhouette Of Glass

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Peter continued to brush his teeth, furiously scrubbing at the off-white blocks of enamel stuck in his upper gums. The toothbrush buzzed while he worked, and Peter smiled around the device at how soothing the sound was. He checked the small hourglass on the sink for how much time was left. The boy had been following this schedule for as long as he could remember. ''Almost done,'' He mumbled, foam building on his lips. His mother - of course - was the one who had enforced it long ago, the night before he started kindergarten.

‘‘Now sweetie, this is a schedule, it will help you to be on time each morning when you have to go to school.’’ He remembers his mother saying. ‘‘If you follow it, you will be able to get everything done with plenty of time left.’’ The woman pointed to the colorful chart she had pinned on his wall. “And you won’t be rushing.’’ She smiled at her little boy, reaching out to ruffle his dirty brown locks lovingly. ‘‘Okay…..’’ Peter whispered, the timid child flashing a small smile at his doting mother. The woman winked back, and smiled before leaving the room.

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I am currently working on some other stories at the moment, but once I get back around to this one I am sure it will be interesting in the long run. :)


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