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The wings that carry me now


The wings that carry me now

Chapter 1

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She lay there, not saying a word as the man stood there with his gun," at least look a bit happy that you caught your bird." the girl teased," you ain't no bird." said the man. The girl rolled her eyes," oh you notice that now." she said. " Your an angle!!" cried the man. " Angle, I would like god to tell me if!" she yelled. The man backed away, clearly taken aback. " I hurt you so i want to nurse you back to care." he said promptly, dropping the gun on the leafy forest floor.She folded her wings, but nothing was there, she cried out in shock and jumped up, twisting, trying to find her wings. The man turned around and put his hands on her shoulders. " Everything is okay." he told her. She shook her head," no its not alright my wings fell off!" she snapped, tearing away from his grip. She teared up, her lip quivering. Her wings had been her joy and pride and this man took them from her!

She blamed the man, cursing at the top of her lungs but reluctantly followed him to his home. He cared to her wounds and made her food. She felt guilty for blaming this kind man, he had just made a simple mistake, yet she blamed him for it. She found out the man's name. His name was Lewis .D Walter, a hunter from a near by city. She told him more about her story, sinking deep into the past and groping for memories. One day she eventually told him her name," Lewis? Would you like to know my name??" she asked, spindling wool by the fireplace on a winter evening. " Of course my dear." he said, changing his sitting posture as he listened. She closed her eyes, thinking deeply, furrowing her brow. " My name is Luisa .A Clearwater " she said with a smile, remembering her parents gently cooing above her. A tear of gratitude swept down her cheek calmly. Now she lived with Lewis, cooking and doing chores around the cabin. Her life had been peaceful for a while until news stretched to the city of Ravenleth, the city where Lewis and Luisa lived near, about a missing girl. MISSING sign's had been scattered around, with a price of three thousand.

Luisa sewed up the last sweater just in time for the snowfall festival, a time where people gathered round at Ravenleth to sell and trade winter goods for mid winter, when the snow fell. Lewis returned that evening with a bruise on his eye. Luisa rushed to his side," what happened?!" Luisa asked, putting her hand on the bruise to inspect it. " I went to close to Ravenleth's mid border while hunting, the rouges hunt there and only are parted when the snowfall festival comes around" said Lewis, flinching. Luisa lay Lewis down, tending carefully to his bruise. His brown eyes shown gratitude and she put a hand in his golden hair. She leaned in and softly kissed him on the cheek, she wanted to be by his side forever, but as she drew her lips back she remembered the feeling of the wind on her face and the sun on her wings. A small pulse of hate flew through her, she had let herself be played like a fiddle in the hands of the man who had took her precious joy away from her. She sat there stunned on the edge of the bed after kissing Lewis and shook her head. She went down to the river and looked at her reflection, her amber eyes furrowed and full of hate, she never could see such a torn person.

The day they went on the road to the for snowfall festival and they where riding their horses, in the past few days after her chores she went riding on her horse, which she found wounded in the forest before Winter. She had treated it's wound but it still had it's bandage on her leg. She had called her Beckie , Beckie was a hazel horse with a white mane and tail. She rode swiftly on, her cloak blowing in the wind as Beckie's hooves rushed against the cobble road. The chattering of the city came closer she galloped faster and faster, soon Lewis was almost just a speck on the dawning sun if she turned around. Luisa stood outside the city gate, waiting for Lewis. She may be mad, but she wasn't cruel.Lewis came to a halt next to her finally, and took her hand in his," what's wrong Luisa??" he asked. Luisa looked at her feet," I was just remembering the time we first met.." she replied. She teared up, she gulped to ease the tears rushing to greet her and winced, looking away. Lewis's hands rested on Luisa's shoulders," I'm sorry, my angle. " Lewis said. Luisa nodded, unable to reply.

She and Lewis rode into the village, found a street corner and set down some furs to sleep on. The night was cold and Luisa missed the warmth of Lewis's cabin, and even more of mom and dad's hobbit home. But tucked in warm furs under the star lit sky reminded her of the feeling of cold, night flies. She remembered those times,and craved them. She fell asleep, her dreams dark and cold. The morning was brisk and bright, the sun coming up latter than the summer sun. She helped Lewis set up store and sold some clothing,fur,and fresh red meat, until a sheriff past by. The sheriff glanced at Luisa uncertain at first, she sure didn't have angel wings like in the pictures. Then Luisa glanced up at the sheriff, he was for sure now. " Who is with you?!" asked the sheriff, on the hunt for the kidnapper. Luisa was stunned at the question but answered," a man named Lewis .D Walter, a pale man with hazel eyes and golden hair, supposedly selling meat or fur, maybe even a feather of mine or two." the sheriff was pure with shock and before he ran off he asked," who are you??" Luisa looked at him," Luisa .A Clearwater." he nodded, and ran off. Soon, Lewis was marched through the streets, his hands roped together, the sheriff stopped," thanks for telling me who took you, now this Lewis is going to be executed, you can go home to your fretting mom and dad." said the sheriff. Luisa went pale, how could she do this.

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hope you liked this, if you haven't already read Pera's dagger of ice then i advise you do!!


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