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To my Future Lover


To my Future Lover

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Dear future lover,

Hello there! How have you been? I strongly believe that time will bring us together in the right place. I may not know you yet but I feel overwhelmed whenever I think of you. I know that you still have a long way to go with your life and so am I. Our paths will cross one day and our eyes will connect perfectly with each other. Don't you worry my love for I will love you in the best way that I can.

My heart has been broken, bruised, left behind, stabbed for times that I cannot even count with my bare hands. They stole my heart and never gave it back. Not a day passed by without me feeling broken over and over again. I have no idea why I have that attitude of loving people too much than what they deserve. I guess I just really have a golden heart that is always there to make someone feel loved even if I just keep on giving it to the wrong person.

I am the type of person who will make someone feel so special in times that they are down. They say that my heart is golden. Well I could say that what they say is true. I was always there for them but they were never there for me. I sometimes pity myself for being too kindhearted over people but what can I do? It's already weaved in my soul to be kindhearted. It's such a shame that people never really cared enough for someone like me who lifted them up when they were falling hard on the ground.

I have trust issues so that means I rarely trust anyone even if they seem so sincere and true. You know why? I was betrayed so much that I can't even trust myself anymore. I feel so incomplete. Why did I gave so much without even noticing that I was the one who got played and joked around? If I trust you that means you are truly special to me because chances are rare that I can give my full trust to someone.

I am a beautiful mess. I was played on, cheated, hurt and most of all I was attacked but guess what? Here I am standing tall to prove that they only made my weak soul be stronger than ever. I learned to embrace the mess that I have been because if it wasn't for it, I would have never become stronger as I am today.

To my future lover, I know that I was broken and betrayed for countless times but I hope that this will be the reason for you to love and treat me better. My soul was teared into little pieces and I know that you will be the one to return those pieces of my soul back to my body. I hope you can understand that sometimes I am hard to love because of all the pain and sufferings i have been through. Even if I am like that, I believe that you will be the one to bring my damaged soul back to life with your real love.

To the future man of my dreams, I will be the happiest woman of all when I finally wrap my arms around the lover that I waited for all of my life. My broken heart will someday become whole again when the time comes if you and I will be destined to be together for eternity. Time will bring us together for this the most beautiful moment that will happen to me. Being with you, my future lover, is the most magical chapter of my life.

I will always be here waiting and dreaming of you my future lover.

Yours truly,

The woman destined to be yours

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