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Tomika's Origin Story

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Tomika's Origin Story

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I mostly ran from everything because I didn't know that someone would at least judge, and walk away. But this one... This One is story.

That's me, My name is Tomika

That's me, My name is Tomika. I don't have eyes and I only wear my jacket and a gray t-shirt. I was sitting a little diner. I asked the waitress for another vodka, but the waitress noticed I was drunk. She told me to stop before something bad begins to happen.

I was drunk so I said no, I'm perfectly fine. Hours later I was back to normal. I returned home, and saw a old photo it was me, Pam, and Sabrina. After seeing the photo I decided to go to England the next day.

Next Day...

I was packing up for my trip I'm only going to stay for at least 3 months. It was December 1st so I marked my phone calendar. I packed a box that I had since I was 14. I went to the same diner I was yesterday, and asked the waitress for the usual which was: A bottle of vodka, toast, and A egg sunny side up. About five minutes later the waitress came with two trays, and my order. She let me have the trays. "So where you heading off to Tomika?", The waitress asked. "I'm going to see some old friends.

"Here then you might need this.", The waitress said as she was sliding a hundred dollar bill and a England plane ticket. "And by the way my name is Pamela.", Pamela said. "Thanks.", I told her. I ate my breakfast, and headed for the airport.

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