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Too Late


Too Late

Chapter 1


As I quietly tip-toe through the house I hear the floorboards creaking behind me. I check inside my pocket to make sure my pistol is still there. It is.

"Turn around." says a voice, with such booming confidence it must be used to being listened to. I smirk and do as said. "Who are you?"

I almost laugh. The dumbass is holding a metal fucking spatula. I allow myself to pull my pistol out and point it right at his face. He drops the spatula. "I'm Jasmine. The daughter of the man you killed. The sister of the 12 year old girl you raped. Also know as the last face you'll ever see, Kevin."

"Shit." He mutters.

"Language. Now, say your last words so we can get this over with." I smile the most charming smile.

"Why are you doing th-" I pulled the trigger. Right between the eyebrows.

"Too late."

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Book of love nice heart pages wallpaper

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Jasmine @jasminestinton
Brilliant i want to read the rest but i cant
Koala @koalachillest

You're right I didn't know how to use this website when I first subscribed. Please read the first See more

Rae-Anne @RGirl
this story is amazballz
Alkyone @Alkyone
This is pretty cool. I like the short sentences and you have punchy dialogue but not all of it seems entirely relevant or connected and reads more like stock lines or inspired quips that have been sewn together just slightly off-beat. You manage to convey a lot about your setting through a minimum of description which is really cool and I can't wait to hear how your protagonist handles getting away with murder.
jazmin @jaz_15
that's good so far