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Traitor From Outer Space

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Traitor From Outer Space

by 105549192843192562256 LMDC101 CS 2 mins.

Eli rubbed his eyes as he struggled to come up to his feet. He searched for an object to assist his balance, scrambling up to the sidewalk until he found a wooden bench: sending fragments of smoke into the atmosphere as it burns. He rested his arm on it, making him kneel comfortably. Trampled trash-bins filled the city streets along with children and their parents sprawled on the ground and not moving. Violent waves of fire took over the high skyscrapers and buildings, turning the sky an assembly of orange, red, and pure black. Distant sirens echoed the whole vicinity. Firefighters should be seen attempting to put out the horrible city fire, but no, there are no authorities present and Eli would probably know the reason.

"Eli Pallas" said a deep, horrific voice.

Eli barely breathing, he fixed his eyes to where the voice came from.

A tall nine-foot humanoid with two dimly lit pure white eyes, staring at Eli. It was dressed with large and heavy titanium armor covering its whole arms, legs, body like a robot. It wore a knee length blue cape the shape of a shark fin, glowing, giving weak light among the streets.

"We've finally found you, after hundreds of years. At this pathetic planet." said the humanoid. "Give us the relic, traitor."

"NO!" Eli shouted. "You scums don't deserve to rule the whole universe!"

The creature was silent for a while, looking up the sky. Then, snapped its fingers. almost creating a weak flame while it flickered with blue glowing dust. Eerie sounds of a missile filled the whole city, followed by huge thumps here and there. Humanoids dropped from the sky, landing at ease at the street, rooftops, buildings, and on cars. There were about fifty of them, wearing heavy titanium armor. Some wore steel. Some wore diamond. They wield various types of weapons: axe, longsword, maces, spears. Each with a faint glow of blue.

"Therefore we must take it by force." said the creature, gripping its bluesteel longsword tight. "I, Cyrus of the galaxy Beta Odysseus, will VANQUISH you: Eli Pallas - traitor of--"

The sky turned darker, like a huge storm brewing. Scent of the ocean breeze filled the area, joined with the horrible smell of burning electricity and lightning. Eli, Cyrus and his army had the urge to destroy, to annihilate. It's the presence of the Olympians. They floated toward the area, behind Eli. There was Ares the god of war; Poseidon the god of the sea; Zeus the god of the sky; Artemis the goddess of the hunt; Hades the god of the underworld; and others. One powerful presence however, is involved: He's dressed in glowing white robe. Jehovah.

"The gods of this planet?" said Cyrus

"You're looking at it." answered Ares.

"Powerless Gods who can't even protect their home?" said Cyrus "Like every planet we've visited?" he snapped his fingers.

Few seconds later, the Gods in human form were pinned down by Cyrus' army. A soldier of Cyrus broke Poseidon's trident and held him by the neck, pinning him down into a big garbage bin. Two soldiers went for Zeus, while trying to smite them with lightning, but was pinned in the middle of the road. A big titanium arrow hit Artemis through the chest and was stuck into a building like a dart. One soldier single-handedly knocked out Ares and flung him into a delivery truck filled with letters and mails. Hades and others retreated, casting a crack on the ground and disappeared. Jehovah remained untouched, dodging every attack from the swings of five soldiers. But eventually was pinned down, too.

Cyrus chuckled. "Now, your turn, traitor--" he looked at where Eli was, but he was nowhere to be seen. "WHERE IS HE?" he shouted with anger, shocking the entire city buildings and his army.

Cyrus roared loudest than the loudest animal of this planet. He gripped his sword and stabbed it into the ground with all his strength, creating the most massive earthquake this planet had never felt before. It created huge cracks on the floor almost the length of a basketball court, glowing with blue powerful light. Strong winds blew the city and Cyrus' cape.

"ELI!!!" roared Cyrus.

Eli was nowhere. Perhaps in another planet. He, once again, escaped successfully.

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