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Wanna One : Leave me alone Intro

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Wanna One : Leave me alone Intro

by 106019273024118381626 Mochi Jiminie 1 min.

There was a boy named Daehwi. Daehwi was crying.He couldn't stop. He just saw his boyfriend ,the one he would die for, faced cruel criticism of the society just to love him peacefully, left his mother for him, kiss a girl. He was just so mad ,he took Jinyoung's clothes and threw them out the door. Jinyoung tried to explain like every cliche cheater ,but Daehwi shoved him and the girl out.

One week later....

"Yah!!!" A chill ran down Daehwi's body as Jihoon a.k.a his bestfriend threw the pastel pink covers off him."What do you want?" Daehwi was still tired so he attempted to go back on his bed ,but Jihoon dragged him off."I want you to tell me why you're still crying". Daehwi didn't answer. Jihoon cupped his face in his hands and stared at his face. His face was puffy and eyes that look like his been crying all week. "Tell me". Daehwi started to tear up again. He then cleared his throat and said "Jihoon can I trust you?". Jihoon nodded his head eager to know what was bothering him lately. "Jihoon......I'm pregnant".Jihoon was speechless. "Whose baby is it?" Jihoon said gritting his teeth. "It better not be......." It's Jinyoung's".Jihoon slowly stood up. Daehwi quickly grabbed his hand. "What are you doing?". "I'm gonna kill that jackass."He grabbed his jacket and ran out the door with Daehwi following him. "Jihoon, Let me come with you". "No, you stay here" "PLEASE JIHOON!!" "Fine"

They hopped in Jihoon's car and he sped down to Jinyoung's house.



"Yesss....." An awkward silence came and they all were just staring at each other. The atmosphere was tense. Jihoon soon got tired of the silence and screamed "YO JACKASS!!". Jihoon held his fist up like he was about to punch Jinyoung but Daehwi stoped him. Jinyoung was still startled but then Jihoon's next scream really got to him. "HOW DARE YOU MAKE DAEHWI PREGNANT!!!" Jihoon was burning lava mad at Jinyoung. Daehwi was trying to hold him back from killing him. And Jinyoung. Well, Jinyoung was internally freaking out on the inside and out.


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