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We are all made of stories


We are all made of stories

Chapter 1

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Stories, what are stories? Stories are the way someone might see their life or a time in their life. However, what if you learned that you are from a story. A very famous one like Peter Pan and you’re the villain in that little drama. A villain known as Captain Hook, but you have been living your life without knowing. This is what happened to Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook. You see the once evil pirate Captain was hell-bent on revenge. On a man known as the Dark One or to most people Rumpelstiltskin. Until he had a little one night stand with a very powerful and evil witch. They had a daughter which she left alone in a tower with the captain. He loves his daughter. He named her Alice after his mother. His love for her, however, left him without hugging her because that witch poisoned his heart. so whenever he goes near her he will die or cause him to become very weak. Then another curse hit ripping the captain and everyone from the land that they hail from. This is where the story starts a new story or life. However, Killian does not know or in this case, remember that he is the famous pirate captain unable to touch his own daughter.

One fateful night the curse brakes by the savours son and the heart of the truest believer. Magic is brought back to the town of Hyperion Heights. Unfortunately for the pirate captain, he stands by his daughter risking his own life as he holds her hand while she turns her evil mother into a tree. “Well done Alice,” Killian says when she turns around from the new tree in the garden. “I’m, I’m very proud of, “ Killian never got a chance to finish because he fell to the hard ground holding his heart in pain. “Papa? Oh no, Rumple can you,” the former dark wizard nods and pulls out his phone while Robin holds Alice in her arms. “There on their way. Don’t worry captain. Now, what the hell were you thinking you could have been killed,” Rumple said with anger, but also shockingly nerves in his voice. This only made Killian do a cocky laugh. Rumple rolled his eyes. “Hook is back,” he said walking away.

The paramedics arrived a few minutes later. They talked to Rumple for a few moments before they helped Killian on the stretcher. While Alice, Robin, Henry, Regina, and Rumple watched. “Your name sir?” One of them asked. Killian opened his mouth but all that came out was a groan. “Rogers,” he kind of lied because he was using his cursed name.The paramedic nodded, “We're just going to get a few things ready, you're going to be just fine,” Killian was too weak to nod so he turns his head to look at Alice who had tears in her eyes. Then he saw Ella run in the garden to hug Henry. Then Lucy came in and hugged them both and that is when Killian blanked watching a family reunite.

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hey guys, this is my new story. I started to write this before last weeks ep so it might not all be true.


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