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What I Have To Do.

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What I Have To Do.

Chapter 1

Law school is terribly expensive! I have been eating ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks! I have successfully gained 15 pounds and I am way too poor to afford a gym membership.It’s kinda funny I remember a plan I had when I was 16 to become a famous hit-man. Those guys have to be rich, no one is going to charge cheap to kill a person! You know what would be funny..? If I actually became a hit-man. I decide to place an ad on the blackmarket! My ad said this

Hello, my name is Scarlet Rose if you need a person extermination then I am your man. All i need is a picture of the target a schedule that I can follow and the reason for extermination.Oh yeah and a payment of $2000! You can place all of this behind the loose brick in the unisex bathroom in Mama Lucies Cafe. It will be the 4th brick from left to right and the 10th brick up. I look forward doing business with you.

I hesitate a moment before I click post. I’ve never actually killed someone. Am i capable of doing something like this.? Before I can talk myself out of it I click post. I am truly terrified of what is going to happen. All of a sudden I hear a knock on my door. It sounds very strong like there is someone important on the other side. I start to panic. There is no way they have already found me. I just posted the ad. I close out the page and clear my history. I walk slowly to the door and open it. “Hey what took so long to answer the door?” I am so relieved.. My heart began to beat again. “Hi Bradley, sorry I was taking a nap.” Bradley looked me up and down. He was so cute with his baby blue eyes and black hair. He had grown it out since the last time I had saw him. He was wearing a snug white t-shirt and a leather jacket to go over it. He really made my heart melt. But he is OFF LIMITS because my roommate / best friend Jessica is dating him! I had to snap out of this, even if his perfect jawline and white teeth smiled at me. SNAP OUT OF IT! “Hailey.? Hailey..?” Wow even the way he says my name makes my knees weak. “Hailey!” Bradley yells. “Oh yes, what did you say?” “Where is Jess?” “Oh I don’t know. I haven’t seen her all day.” Bradley eyes looked very sad.. “I really need to talk to her. I saw her yesterday all over Matt. I am afraid she is cheating on me. Maybe it is nothing don’t know.” His eyes are filling with tears he must really care about Jess. I really thought he would be too tough to cry. I reach out and grab his hand. “I will do my best to find out what I can and I will tell you!” Yes Jess is a close friend but I do not believe in cheating so I will tell Bradley. He mutters a thank you and walks out the door. I hate to seem him like this I really do. I will never understand why anyone would ever cheat on him, I grab something to eat ramen of course and hop in the shower. When I get out Jess is still not home so I watch 3 episodes of Pretty Little Liars! Perks of having a very nice grandma is she let me have her netflix password! Jess finally gets home around 9. She looks like she just got back from a date. Her hair was curled, even with the curls it came to her mid back, she had very long skinny legs and her high heels made them look a mile longer. She was wearing a little pink dress that came right above her knee. It seemed to have been made for her. She normally wore very little makeup because she didn't need it, but tonight she has a full face. “Did you spend the day with Bradley?” I asked already knowing the answer. “Yes, he bought me this outfit and then took me to get my makeup done. After that we went to a nice restaurant and ate.” Jess did not look into my eyes. “Liar! He came looking for you earlier so spill.” Jess walked over to her bed and took off her heels. “I was with Matt but please don’t tell Bradley. It would kill him. It just like...I don’t know I ain’t feeling us anymore and I love him so I don’t want to hurt him.” I look at her knowing that it must hurt. “Jess you have to tell him. It is not fair to him. You don’t have to say you cheated but tell him you aren’t feeling it.” Jess starts to fiddle with her knot ring that Bradley gave her. Jess looks up at me and says “Just tell him I cheated. Maybe then he will be so mad he won’t hurt. And maybe give him a kiss, I see the way you look at him.” I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. How embarrassing…I turn off my lamp and I drift off to sleep. I think about my mom killing all those people and the foster homes, and finally finding my grandma.My mind then goes to the ad I placed, thinking who i might kill and why. I drift off to sleep and I start to dream. I am in a house, very tiny and it smelled like stale cigarettes and alcohol.I see a lady sitting on the couch, she was in her mid 30’s,her hair is brown and she wore it in a messy bun. She was very skinny and I could see the fear in her eyes. I walk to her and bring my knife to her neck. She went to scream but everything was silent. All of a sudden sirens go off. They blare so loud I drop the knife. Officers flood in the house and I raise my hands as if to say “I’m not going to hurt anyone leave me be” but the shots fire anyway. Bullet holes fill my body, the pain is like nothing I have felt before. I can feel my soul leaving my body. I am getting taken into surgery the drugs knock me out. I jolt awake in the middle of surgery. This can’t be good. I look around and realize I am in the dorm. I search my body for bullet holes or stitches. I find nothing. It felt so real.. What if I’ not cut out for this? What if I do get caught? I can NOT be like my mom and get caught. It is not an option! I refuse. I drift back to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all. I get dressed in my regular class attire which consists of sweatpants a t-shirt. I go to the freezer and get the last sausage and biscuits and cook it and head to cass. I do not have a car since well I’m broke and everything is walking distance. I have english class today and it is my least favorite class. The professor does not care about us so we do a lot of essays and grading each others essays and reading and quizzes. As I walk I think about my ad. I know I should be able to do it because my mom did it. It broke my heart that she had to die but at least she never got caught! I finally reach my class and sit down, and there is a strange man who is here. He looks like he is in his 50’s maybe 60’s and seemed like he didn’t want to be here. “Hello class, my name is Jack Monroe. Mr.Dill is not here today due to the fact that his wife couldn’t keep the baby in a few more days. I tried to get class cancelled, but John said that it was best if y’all had class. So get your book and read pages 63-163. Next time y’all have class you will have a quiz. “ He sits back down and I get my book out. It is so thick and cost me major money. For this one book I paid $150. Isn’t that wild. And I hate using it. It is all about the art of english and the past english has. It sucks to read and my mind does not want to focus I keep going back to the ad. I try and focus on reading but the whole book is so boring. It makes me want to jump off the top of the school.

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