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Where He Went


Where He Went

Chapter 1

Its 12 o'clock... and not a single person in sight. That's the way I like to have lunch at my school. Alone.

You see interacting with people isn't my thing. In fact I find the human race in itself disgusting.

People are always wrapped up in what can benifiet them.

So I've decided to close myself to everyone I encounter.

This way... No one will fool me into their plans again.


-a boy yells out from the distance

As I turn my head to see what can be so important to disrupt my pea *WACK*

The boy begins to murmur to himself.

"Aww craaap.. crap crap crap... I just killed a girl with my disc golf... poop... what do I do..."

Zaylah begins to sit up from being knocked to the ground by the disc.

-The boy passing back and forth turns to see she's alive but has a large gash in her forehead about two inches

long. The surfaces begins to bleed from the cut as the surrounding skin swells up.

-The boy goes up to apologize as he tries to help her up.

"I am BEYOND sorry! Please forgive me!!"

Zaylah responds in a aching voice.

"..Its fine just get away from me.. I don't need your help! "

Zaylah tries to stand on her own but can't seem to keep her balance.

-the boy catches her and offers his assistance.

"Woah woah.. your bleeding pretty bad and you can barely walk. Let me get you to the nurse."

-Zaylah is pressed against the boy half aware of what is going on.

"Please let go of me.. I can.. get to the nurse..OWW... on my own."

-Zaylah then passes out in the boys arm.

-the boy begins to talk to himself as he picks her up.

"Alright... umff.. there you go, now I'll get you to the nurse in no time."

Scene ends.

Scene 1

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