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You Told me I could


You Told me I could

You told me I could;

I faced you on the porch that night, poured my guts out and looked you dead in the eye

you told me I could

but I walked away from the idea the minute it came to pass

and when I saw past the music and the bullshit and the well kept and hidden smiles

you set me free

see I knew you would,

you gave the knife to me and you told me I could

but you didn't do it with the malicious intent of others

no, you gave me your raw thoughts and said

I'll miss you, but you have a choice

a choice, to live and breath and to fight and to lie and to live

and to create

or you can simply dissapear, and leave a big hole, the ink stains left on a page finally written

you told me I could,

and for that, I will stay.

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