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A Life In A Wolf Body


A Life In A Wolf Body

by User avatar 1527783007 Alaska 3 mins.

Prolouge, Running

I was running in the forest. It was lovely, the trees stretched above and into the sky, I smiled gently it was wonderful. My hunter green eyes sparkled and I turned on my heel and found a flower field. It burst withe the colors of a rainbow, I could name all the flowers if I wanted to.

I ran over to the roses, red, white, yellow, pink. I stopped and looked at the red ones, then white. I couldn't decide, which one looked better. I sighed an came to an agreement, I carefully picked some white and red roses and arranged them into a beautiful boquet. It was swell. One would think that this boquet was useless. But when taking one closer look at one. And you could realize how beautiful they could be. As long as you arrange them correctly.

"Ow!" I winced, I looked over to my index finger. A tiny little nick was scared. It didn't bother be though. I set my boquet down and looked up to the sky. Clouds dotted the clear sky, like seeds, they sprouted, as if they were plants blooming in spring. I twirled my raven black hair. My tan skin brought out my eyes. The hunter green shade that I somewhat loved. I stared back up to the sky. Daring it to look back, and it did.

I sat up letting the smell of jasmine coat my nose. As I exhaled. Someone grabbed me. I thrashed and kicked trying to scream. But the were muffled by the large, strong hands that covered my mouth. I could hear voices. They were deep and gruff. I couldn't see, but I could most definitely hear. So I used this to my only advantage other than feel. "She's weak." The closest voice said. "She might look weak, but we'll train her to be the strongest she can be, maybe even stronger than us. After all, she does look clever, don't you think? Besides we don't really have a choice. We must not let another child die." "Hmph, I say we should leave her to die. She'll never live long in the world!" "Now, now, Valkeon. You know she must, or the queen will have our heads." The man-called-Valkeon (the smelly and very, very, strong man holding me) snorted and growled when I thrashed again. "I'll admit, when she struggles, she's hard to get a grip on. She'll be good and distractions." Then light pounded into my eyes. My hunter green eyes.

Hands still held me, so I couldn't run. As I regained my vision. I saw an adult in front of me. He had red hair, the color or crimson. His blue eyes so deep, they were violet. He looked young, but he was strong. But when my vision was better in some shade, under a field tree, I could see he was only a kid! My age as well. seven maybe nine? But the boy holding me was also a young child. Just a bit older than us. About, eleven? But one thing for sure. They were kids. I looked over to the one who was holding me. I held my breath. He was handsome. Dashing even. But looked bad temperd. He had dark skin, and shoulder length brown hair, the tips were a deep shade of red. His body was muscled and fit. His yellow eyes glazed like two burning amber stones on fire.

I turned my gaze back to the stunning red haired boy. His pale skin had brought out his strange hair and eye color. But there was something different about him, a wolf tail, and wolf ears. Both a shade of deep crimson. My eyes widend as I scrambled into the boy behind me, "Hey! Watch it." I poked my head over my shoulder to apologize, but I nearly shrieked when I saw his ears and tail. Deep brown, and tipped with scarlet. They both exchanged looks as if they were confused. Then when they looked at each other their faces masked with shock.

They smiled nervously at me. But I said nothing only look right between them to see them both. I twitched. Being stared down by two extremely dashing boys was hard. But the kinder one, the bot with crimson hair, held out his hand. He smiled gently. "I'm Ezrea, the cranky one is Valkeon." "I know his name is Valkeon." I said with a straight voice. Ezrea stumbled backwards. Valkeon spoke up before Ezrea got the chance. "How?" I nodded to his hands. Strong and musculer. even for hands. "Your hands are quite strong so I could tell you were going to be the strong one," Then nodded to Ezera. "Then he called you by your name so it was easy to figure out." when I finished. Valkeon looked a bit dangerous as he cracked his knuckles at Ezrea with a demonic mask.

Ezera was waving his hands around and pleading for mercy. That took quite a while. I'll admit though, it was quite swell watching them run after each other, (more like a game of death or life) it was quite childish, yes, but cute. I smiled and then. I felt faint. I fell. And the whole world went dark. All the colors had dissaperd. There was nothing but black. Not even a single star was in the sky. Not one light. None. It was just black.

I bolted upright in my bed. Swishing my black tail and my ears twitching from place to place. My hunter green eyes darted. As if looking for the forest with the flowers. I was in my room. Safe. Safe... I looked down to my sun kissed skin.I got from my cotton bed and went outside to take a quick walk. Maybe have a chance to sing. I havn't been able to do that in a long time.

I looked out to the wild sky. Splashed with a million stars. I looked right back at my wolf body. My strange body was different most. I sighed. My body started to glow. My skin turned pale. And my eyes turned gold, my hair, ears and tail. Turned midnight blue

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@Alaska Time

This is my first story. FIRST!!! So do not judge me on how this turns out. Please?!?!? Okay. So this book is about a girl. He name is Rota. She was a normal human girl. Only seven. Before she was taken by wolves. Then she tells what it was like for her in her wolf body. Please Enjoy it! THank You!!


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Skyfall @Skyfall
I love it! Your writing is really descriptive, I feel like I'm actually there, watching it all.