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i couldn't wait to get outside of this world,

to get into the next,

the other,

the further beyond.

for all i saw was the fact i had come to an


tracing the cord back to the wall

to find it had

never been plugged in at all...

held a whole new meaning in my heart.

my heart...


they gave all of your things,

to all of your friends.

i know sixteen has held much better days,

you've had much better days.

but you're going to want to be able to see

what tomorrow holds.

days where you can still feel alive.

because you will...

be alive.

you never thought you'd die alone,

because you are not alone.

we will be sorry when you're gone.

mama will always think it was her fault.

she will pass the time in her room alone.

another six months and shell still be there,

unable to sleep,

forever may she weep.

you're room is exactly how you left it.

the clothes on the floor would be much too small for you now.

the pillows still have your tear stains soaked into them.

the time passes buy,

the months fade away,

the years grow longer.

mama still remembers how your laugh was the loudest.

too depressed to go on,

she is sorry that you're gone.

you watch as she struggles to survive

in a world where you do not exist.

for she,

has found a whole new meaning to a cord in the wall.

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