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Roses show me the true form of your pretty face

and the colors pale by far in comparison

you've been through this maze before, haven't you?

seen what it's like to face the masses, breathing harder and harder

face those fears and stand up to what's right,

irony, right?

let yourself be swept up by the rainbow, take into account that it slowly whispers

"I'll be going away some day"

but what if you could catch it in a photograph, and save it for the days

where you questioned yourself?

I've seen you before,

in the crowd I watched you glow

the white light that traces up your spine and shifts your shoulders stiff

and you stiffen your lip and you face the demons

the dark isn't what gets to you

but what it's inside you.

© Danielle Willard, 2018. All rights reserved.


Danielle Willard


The Pontifications of a Nobody


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