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Chocolate Brown


Chocolate Brown

Chapter 1

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“ It makes me who I am today “

There are often times we think about love. We all have opinions. Mostly conditioned by our experiences. Some bad some good. I believe most of seek validation and we name the source “love”.

Delilah badly needed validation. “Why can’t I like myself?” she wondered. She got up, unfolded the covers of her mirror, and stared. What she saw was depressing eyes and a frown. Obesity made it worse. She knew she was sad and food was her only escape. In short, she hated herself.

. . .

Classes seemed boring to her. Delilah was getting restless.

9:30 AM showed the watch. “ feels like forever”. She got frustrated. She got up, made an excuse about how badly she wanted to use the washroom and rushed out of her class.

She had a grin as she wandered across the empty halls. She felt a little better than usual. Maybe even happier. She closed her eyes , took a deep breath and BHAM!!!!!

She fell

“ Can this be any worse”

Lying on the floor with a swollen forehead. Her mind went back to realms of sadness. What a lovely start.

Her eyes reviewing the moments of past. All those nightmares and tears. Again and again.

But it was different this time. The universe had planned it for her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a tap at the shoulder.” Get up girl you’re blocking the way.”

She looked up and she went blank. No, it wasn’t the smile, nor the voice. It was the eyes. Too cliché. Chocolate brown to be precise. Delilah forgot that the world exists. For her it was just the eyes.

“Are you getting up or not? I don’t think the floor is that beautiful”.

“I’M……. uh I’m …………. uh I’m so sorry”

“Nah its fine. I don’t like Chemistry”


“ I have a chemistry class and I’m getting late because of you.”

She lowered her head and got up. She was about to leave when …...


She looked back. It was him smiling.

“Delilah” she said.

“I love yo………” she stopped . “….your name” She continued walking .

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