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Corruption Within The Clan Book One Of Lost Story

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Corruption Within The Clan Book One Of Lost Story

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Blazetail, the deputy, was standing over the dead body of the past leader, stunned. He realized he was leader now. The elders were preparing the body for burial. He said his goodbyes and leaped onto Ledge. " Cats of EmberClan gather around Ledge for a Clan meeting." As cats gathered around Ledge Blazetail thought How did CopperStar do it? How did they all do it? His anxiety grew as cats as young as kits to cats as old as elders gathered around Ledge to hear him speak. " Our leader CopperStar has joined StarClan. He was a fathful leader and I hope to follow in his pawsteps. " He heard the anxiety in his voice. " Now I must appoint a new new deputy. RobinClaw, do you accept the rank of deputy?" Robinclaw was stunned." I-" he stumbled. " I do, Blazestar. " Blazetail was uncomfortable " I- please call be Blazetail until I travel to Moonstone. " A dapple cat stepped out of the shadows " Yes, Fawnclaw?" The she cat whispered " You must travel tonight. I have something I must discuss with Starclan." Chamomileleaf slipped between SilverBlossom and her mate, Chesnutear. " I cannot travel, I must stay here to care for the clan and what about Hartkit? His apprentice ceramony! What about Redkit's whitecough? He could die!" She looked at him with pleading eyes. " It cannot be delayed." She was shocked. " Hartkit, come up." Hartkit bounced exitedly " RavenLeap, I admire your bravery and loyalty, I trust you will pass it on to Hartpaw." Hartpaw bounced up to Ravenleap and touched noses. Hartpaw then touched his nose to his father, Blazestar, 's flank. Rustpaw burts into the clearing. " A new apprentice?! Yes!" He leaped into the air, twisting then bitting an imaginary apponent. "Ready to fight, Hartpaw?" The dark orange apprentice mewed challengingly. " But... I don't know any moves. How will I fight y-" "What do you think you are doing, Rustpaw? You know better!" Hartpaw leaped down. He had found confidence. " I wil fight you Rustpaw. Shall we fight to the death? " Chamomileleaf gasped " You can't do that! " Chamomileleaf thought Why would my sweet little Hartpaw challenge to fight to the death? He is only a tiny kit, fresh out of the nursery! Blazetail's voice broke through her thoughts " No, let them. " Chamomileleaf saw something unformiliar flicker in his eyes. Ravenleap stepped in front of his apprentice to protect him. Pikefur stepped in front of Rustpaw, his apprentice, and said " We cannot allow you two to do this. " Blazetail twitched his tail in annoiance " Move Ravenleap. Move Pikefur." " But Blazetail you honestly can-" Blazetail cut Pikefur off " That is Blazestar to you, Pikefur. Now, let the apprentices fight. I will leave immedialtly after. And Chamomileleaf, you are coming. prepare to leave." Rustpaw crawled under Pikefur and Hartpaw copied. He mimicked Rustpaws every move, confusing Rustpaw. Rustpaw stopped and said " That's not fair! " Hartpaw slunk low to the ground came behind Rustpaw and bit his neck. He fell down, stunned, "You are a good fighter, for a kit. Goodbye, Hartpaw. I will see you in Starclan." Hartpaw licked his shoulder then lifted his head, his eyes full of triumph. He grabbed a peice of fresh kill, headed towards the apprentice den and curled up in the nest in the corner. Blazetail picked his way carefully across the arriors den to grab his adder and feather from his old den. He mewed to Vinesplash and Pigeonwing " Come with me to Moonstone. And bring Cedarpaw and Mistpaw." " But, Blazetail, we need our sleep, we have dawn patrol. And Cedarpaw and Mistpaw have battle training." " Well you have been excused from dawn patrol and Cedarpaw and Mistpaw have been excused from battle training." They were astonished. They stood up and went ot the medicine den for traveling herbs. Pikefur padded into the elders den to bring his mother a peice of fresh kill, only to discover her nest empty and her scent stale. He was confused. He thought How could she just disappear. Where is she? Has she gone to find Father and Fernsplash? He sat in his mothers nest, puzzled. Wolfwind said " Are you looking for your mother? " He nodded his head. " I am. Do you have any idea where she went?" Sandyskip grunted " Maybe if you leave us alone and leave, you'll find her. And fetch Cedarpaw, I need my pelt checked for fleas, I'm dying here. " Pikefur offered " I coul-" Sandyskip cut him off " You are a warrior, not an apprentice. Besides, these apprentices will need to learn to deal with us grouches, soon they'll also be taking care of HeavyPine. What a grump. Worse then us, right Wolfwind?" Wolfwind snorted then nodded. " You should go, Blazestar will be mad if he finds you slacking." Wolfwind said kindly, licking his shoulder.He walked into the clearing to find Blazestar, Chamomileleaf, Cedarpaw, Mistpaw,Vinesplash,Pigeonwing and Fawnclaw. After almost an hour Fawnclaw was shaking. Cedarpaw and Mistpaw, who were just a bit smaller than the small medicine cat, were leaning up against her, supporting her. When they fnally arrived a Moonstone Chamomileleaf begged Blazestar to let her treat Fawnclaw. " It cannot wait. She will soon see Starclan. They can heal her. " Chamomileleaf hissed " If she makes it through the tunnel! " Blazestar flicked his tail in her face. She bit his tail tip. His yowl echoed eerily in the cave. Chamomileleaf,Blazestar and Fawnclaw walked on top of Moonstone and fell into a deep sleep. Fawnclaw was walking through the forest, strong and young. Her mother, father and sister were walking with her " What are you doing here?" Her Mother licked her head "Don't worry you'll be with us soon. " " Mother... do you mean- " Sootynose, her sister, guided her to a soft, feathery, nest inside a warm, cozy den. " My nest is right next to yours! When I heard the news, I prepared your nest as quickly as I could." Fawnclaw sat down in the nest, confused, yet comforted. " Maybe I will just go to be. Just wake me up when everyone else is up, ok? You will know when that is, right?" Her mother did not say anything but pulled woven feathers over her, surounding her in the sweet scent of lavender. When all the other cats woke up, she was not moving. Chamomileleaf gasped " She's dead!"

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Written by: Silkstep Based off a roleplay between Silkstep and Melonz Inspired by Warrior Cats written by Erin Hunter


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