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Crush-itis/from Dork Diaries

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Crush-itis/from Dork Diaries

by 115142308165475269095 CC 2 mins.

"Daisy! Stop!" I yelled. Brandon laughed. Daisy had been running in circles for the past 5 minutes straight. "Daisy no!" She jumped on top of Brandon, pushing him to the ground. I giggled and then ran to pick up him up. But what I didn't know was that one of Daisy's toys was in my path, ready to trip me. Before I could even stop, I was flying through the air. And I landed right on top of Brandon. "Oh hello," he said making kissy faces. I rolled my eyes pushing myself to my knees. "Nikki, can I tell you something?" He started to blush like he was going to say something important. "Yeah, sure. What's up." He closed his eyes and started to breathe heavy. I was getting worried. "Okay, okay. Here I go. I like you. Which you probably already know that because for the band trip I kissed you which hopefully you weren't mad about and now I just realized that I never asked you if you liked it or not so I'm sorry about that and wow I'm really sweaty it's super hot outside don't you think?" My jaw was all the way open. I finally closed it and stood there confused. Then I started to blush. "Wow. Surprisingly, I got the message you were trying to tell me. And yes I did like the kiss and no it's not hot outside to me. And yes I do like you too. I have had a crush on you for like ever and it's been killing me to tell you and then I started to write in my diary about you and dream about you and think that one day you would be my husband which is crazy because you would never love a girl like me and yeah I'm starting to think the temperature is rising." Now his jaw was dropped. We both busted out laughing. "I think I said to much." Brandon giggled. "Yeah, me too." Then out of nowhere my mom calls my name, "Nikki, dinner is ready. Oh, hi Brandon. So nice to see you helping Nikki deal with that crazy dog of ours," she laughs at her own joke. "Anyways, Nikki say bye and then come inside." She closed the door shut and I turned around to see Brandon with a frown. "Dang, I wish we could hang out more. But you have to go. Bye Nikki. Tonight was fun!" He said smiling. "Yes! Tonight was fun. And I can't wait to see you again. Goodnight Brandon." I winked at him. We waved and I walked to my door. I took a long breath and tried to realize what just happened. I grabbed Daisy and walked inside. I kissed her on her nose and thanked her for bringing me and my crush together.


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