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They don't call it a crush for nothing, huh? It's hard falling for so long to just to be thrown back up again. But it's okay because eventually you'll find someone else. Then the guy you first liked comes crawling back. That happens right? Anyways, its always something you've got to move on from. You've fallen in love with their every feature from their hair to their eyes, hands, smile , personality. Not everyone falls for a personality but its just something about them that makes you feel they are different. But you won't ever know because they wouldn't take a chance. Then later on they feel bad or sorry. Well they don't get to fell sorry because right now your lost and stuck on the fact that you wanted this to be something real. But you will see the light at the end of that tunnel, you will keep going. You will accomplish so many things in the world without them. It's okay to shed a couple tears at time, it's okay to not always be happy. One day i guarantee that you will be on top and look back and he will be the one at the front of the crowd hollering,and cheering loud. He's here now but he knows that he missed out :)

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just some positivity:) hopefully, this helped!


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