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Even as Skylann was sitting up and turning in her dream, she was holding out her arms. This person belonged with her. He was her magic, her solace, her best-beloved. It didn't matter how he'd gotten there or what had happened before. He was her soul's eternal mate. He was so gentle, but almost fierce in his love for her. He knew her ore then she knew herself his velvety voice stuck to her the most he changed her for the better.

Shawn was sitting in his room strumming a new song he had made while he was thinking about her. he wanted her in his arms to kiss her under the light of a thousand stars but he couldn't stop thinking about how she was so different how she smile and her eyes her piercing blue eyes that change to these amazing gray from winter and fall he like the way she laughed he knew then and there she was his soul mate, his other half she was his belief in all thing he thought weren't possible. She was his most precious thing in all the world... his life was meant nothing without her, so he would gladly give it, laughing and kissing his hand to her with his last breath.


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Priscila @priscilaalfaro
This beginning is absolutely amazing! this is the first book I have came upon on this website another website you should right on is wattpad! :) I honeslty love Shawn Mendes haha