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Dreams are wonderful...most of them.


Dreams are wonderful...most of them.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"Are you kidding?" Honovi squalled. He was supposed to be wed to the princess of the tribe. Not hard to believe, he is the best hunter on the tribe. It's quite simple really, his name means little wolf.

"I cannot marry someone of such importance and grace." He exasperatedly sat cross style in the middle of his camp."

"Lighten up big guy! She's the princess, and she's GORGEOUS!" I exclaimed.

"TALISA!!!!" A shriek rang out over our land. It was the chief, in other words, my sister. Darting through the thick wood of the forest, i slowly made my way to the chief's camp. She was sitting cross style in the middle of the deer skins from the supper yesterday. I felt a pang of anxiety rattle through my bones down my spine.

"Why ever have you called me for?" I leaped forward, landing in front of her, disturbing her silent meditation. Despite the thicket of tugging branches, it was quite beautiful.

The chief, my sister, Kimimela, which means butterfly in Cherokee, was watching me tug at my white tiger-like skin cloth, ragged from the previous hunting patrol.

"Talisa, my beautiful water of a sister, it appears, our worst fear has come true." My mouth hung open like the mouth of the brook where the ring-tailed squirrel lives.

"No! It can't be!" I screeched, desperately grabbing onto nothing but a little thread of hope Huyana would use to crochet a blanket for her daughters.

"It is true, small pox has spread through our camp. We could become weak, and thy camp could die."

"And they could find out..." My breath came in short gasps. Kimimela's eyes clouded with grief, and I watched her eyes drift to a sparrow making a nest in the bracken tunnel ahead. As I said my goodbyes, I hurried to my cozy medicine hut, were i began squeezing rose and marigold juices, adding bits of poppy seed and gorse leaves. Mashing them with the rock, and smoothing with a stripped-bark twig, I finally had made the goop for the medicine. Adding watter, it was ready to go. Setting it into leaves, and then into my basket along with some weaving thread, mint leaves, and catnip, I was on my way to the hunters camp.

"Hello?" Kachina sprouted in from the doorway. I lurched forward and swung into a rabbit skin shawl.

"Hi there Kachina! What brings you in here?" I spluttered, grabbing things off shelves and plunging into my basket.

"Oh thank the lucky stars you were in here! Small pox has spread through the camp quicker than a fire in the tall grasslands! We need you now more than ever, for our lives are all at stake!" I flinched when she said that, because, well, you know. I grabbed my basket

"Alright, I'll be there in just a bit, when the ocean reaches high tide, I'll be there. For now, keep the children drinking water, and here's some marigold. Keep them eating that, and I'll do the rest." I sent Kachina on her way, calling "Do hurry!"

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