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Every Minute of our Days


Every Minute of our Days

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How do you spend your time with the person you love the most?

It feels like every second, every minute or every hour is not enough?

I envy you.

Because not all of us spend the rest of our time with someone, who forgets us at the end of the day.

5 months ago

My name is Ellie, I have Anterograde amnesia, and my parents died when I was 12.

"Ellie, gising na!" someone's waking me up

"hmm 5 mins" sabi ko sa gumigising sakin

" it's your check up day"

I look at my calendar and I have no choice to go to that clinic every week

" don't forget to bring your i.d, your phone and be careful, okay?" my tita said just to be reassure

" wag ka mag alalala tita, mag iingat po ako" umalis na ako sa apartment

I just live with my tita's apartment, she's the one who took care of me when my parents died, namatay sila sa car accident and I was there too. It was really an unfortunate event for me.

While I was walking in the street, I saw this man whose really weird.

Jacob's Pov

" Hey man! What should I do today?" I am working for a part time job to pay my bills

" You wear this" he gave me a costume and its pink

"Dude! ano to?" I ask him

"You said you wanted a part time job, edi ayan you'll be a mascot for the day" wha what? is he serious?

"I guess, I don't have a choice then"

For the whole damn day, I was just being a pink mascot and guess what I have to dance in the street, people are looking at me and thinks, I'm weird because of my dance steps.

" dude, good job HAHAHAH" he said that while laughing

" you know how it feels to be there HAHHAH" we both laugh

" Alis na ako, see you tomorrow" paalam ko sakaniya

Ellie's Pov

He's weird but cute

" How do you feel today, iha?" my doctor ask me

" I'm okay doc, hindi naman sumasakit ulo ko" I said

" okay, but you have to check up every week" she reminded me

"I know, doc. I have to go now, bye" umalis na ako sa clinic.

It sucks to have this kind of illness, losing your memory. It just really suck

Is it a good day to die?

Am I ready to die?

At that point I was thinking of ending myself, Im just tired of everything

" Hoy! magpapakamatay ka ba?" someone ask me

then I just realize na malapit na pala ako mahulog

" Miss, okay ka lang ba?" he ask again

" Ah oo" agad akong umalis sa tinatayuan ko pero humabol siya

"Miss, okay ka lang ba talaga?" bakit ba ang kulit nito

" sabi ko na nga diba okay lang ako"

" easy ka lang, eh ba't ka magpapakamatay?" tanong niya kairita to

"Okay sir---" di ko na natapos sasabihin ko

" Jacob" huh?

"My name is Jacob" may gana pa siya magpakilala ha just wow

"Uhmm okay, Jacob. Hindi ako magpapakamatay, I was just standing there and out of nowhere nandun na pala ako, so please excuse me?" I was walking so fast para di niya na ako sundan

Jacob's Pov

Sungit naman.

"Hindi man lang nag thank you?" sabi ko sa sarili ko

Ano problema nun?

*identification card*

Ano to? Ellie? sakaniya ba to?

*Name: Ellie Cruz


Contact Number: 09*********


Ellie Cruz pala name niya ha

Ellie's Pov


I think I lost something.

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