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First Kiss

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First Kiss

Chapter 1

by 104348551044303816582 Koshi Diddi 1 min.

16. Sweet 16.

Just out of 10th standard and into the world of competition and attrition I found her.She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. It took me only a few moments to fall for her. And boy, did I fall.

It was dark out, a deserted alley. We were both in black. The distant sounds from the horns and people could barely touch our ears.We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. The sweet November breeze brushed against us, and a slight drizzle came down us, giving her the chills.

I offered her my jacket, and as I was putting it on, I could feel her cold arms on my face and then slowly brushing my hair. I couldn’t think of anything else in the whole world. For me everything was right there in that alley.

I held her close and she wrapped her arms around me, and I around her and slowly lifted her. The drizzle turned into a shower and she slowly stepped on my feet and I kissed her on her forehead.

First our eyes met, then our noses and finally my lips touched her soft pink lips. I was over the sky and I suddenly realized what those love songs meant. What everything meant! For at least a day or two, I could still feel the taste of her lips.

It’s been 7 years since that day.

We hardly talk now.

She’s somewhere far off.

She’s happy.

But I’m still there, in that alley, in that moment, waiting for her.

My first love. My first kiss.

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