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Girl in the Mirror


Girl in the Mirror

by User avatar 1518469626 lynn Rose 4 mins.

Every day, a girl so very young to this world spoke to the mirror every morning before she headed off and before she laid her head down to sleep. Trying to keep her self-esteem.
"You're strong, you're smart, you're beautiful." She said, and she was glad to see her reflection say it back with a smile.
No body told her, no one said a word; no one warned the young girl. How could they? She was so young, innocent, and naive. No body could kill her childish curiosity; to which later the girl paid a price.

The girl stepped our of her home gleaming with sunshine, looking to bring joy; though, society had other things in mind. Every day, the girl came home; tired and drained of her sunshine, the world had beaten her up badly. Still, she went to her mirror and said her words "You're strong, you're smart, you're beautiful." her refection still said it back. She went to bed thinking each time, that tomorrow will be better, tomorrow is a brand new day.

As time passed however, the young girl grew more tired each morning; the light that she used to have began to dim, but each morning her reflection still said the words.

During the day, when she was away from her home the world was cruel; it spat harsh words at the poor woman, "You're weak, you're stupid, you're ugly." it would shout, she knew it not to be true; still they got to her, they rang in her head until she got home to drown out the negative words with her positive one.

One day, after coming home, she was on the verge of tears as she starred at her reflection. "You're strong, you're smart, you're beautiful." Her voice was shaken as she spoke because her reflection did not say it back, it just stood there with a sorrowful face. She still heard societies words ringing in her head, the woman took a deep breath and forced the tears back, "You are strong, you are smart, you are beautiful." The girl said it more slowly but was able to get her mirror self to repeat it.

As months come and gone, it grew harder for her reflection to say her words back; each day the remarks of the word grew louder in her head and sometimes they drowned out her own. Feeling tired and worn out, she said her words with no meaning; her reflection did not repeat them, she said it again and again. Still her image remained quiet, as she said it for the tenth time her reflection finally spoke; though they weren't her words.

"You're weak, you're stupid, you're ugly." Tears fell from the girls hazel eyes as she backed away, this could not be; she was at her home, a place where she was safe from those words. The reflections voice grew in volume, and bounced off the walls as it continued to shout societies comments; the women covered her ears, unable to handle the force the words brought. Unable to take anymore, she rammed her fist at the mirror multiple times until it shattered and the glass fell to her feet; even though her reflection was gone, the comments still echoed. "You're weak, you're stupid, you're ugly."

The young girl fell to the floor, her hands covering her ears with blood flowing from one, "You're strong, You're smart, You're beautiful." she cried out, she couldn't even hear her own words. She continued to cry as she laid on the floor, "please, make them stop." She shouted, "Just stop!"

"You want them to stop?" The woman looked up, to see herself staring back at her with an evil smile on her lips that had foam and saliva dripping from it; the girl that stared at her had black eyes that cried blood,a red thick line that was around her neck that looked like a bruise, and gashes on both her wrist with caked on dried blood.
"You want the words to stop?" the girl nodded as she looked at her demonic self; she felt defeated, alone, and so very tired. She wanted it all to stop, the hurtful words; the suffocating pain in her chest, the girl wanted it all gone.

The demon that looked like her, smiled "Then say it, say the words they've been telling you." She did not want to, because what society has been telling her is not true; she wanted them to stop though, what else was she supposed to do?
"You're weak," the girl said with gritted teeth ",You're stupid, You're ugly." To her surprise, the words stopped in her head and she sighed in relieve; as soon as they were gone however, they came rolling back with much more power. The young girl's head began to throb.
"That didn't work, I want them gone for good!" she shouted over the noise.

"Oh, you want them gone permanently?" The demon crouched down in front of her and grabbed her face, ",all you need to do is fall asleep."

"How? The words are always in my head." The girl cried, and the demon laughed.

"Oh dear, I can help with that; just pick one of the three, one of them will help you sleep." The voices started to scream as the demon disappeared, in her place were three objects; an orange container filled with small white pills, a small army knife, and a brown rope tied in a noose. The girl didn't understand as she looked between the three, how were any of these going to make her sleep?

The voices started to overlap one another, and all became a jumbled mess.She wanted them to stop, were these objects the only way? Grabbing the small container, she took only two pills, though the words continued; the girl took three more, then four. She lost track of how many she took, but when her eyelids grew heavy the words began to fade. She laid on her back as her body grew weightless, she felt herself slipping and getting tired as minutes passed; just before she closed her eyes to take a nap, she saw her demonic self sitting on her bed then said her positive words before she fell into dream land and never woke up again.

"You're strong, You're smart, You're beautiful."

A few days later, society found out the girl ended her life and each had something to say.

"She was so strong and brave." Said the same people that called her weak.

"She was so smart, we'll miss her dearly." Spoke the same people that called her stupid.

"She was so beautiful, and such a kind spirit." cried the same individuals that called her ugly.

The young girl should have known, that their opinions didn't matter; someone should have told her, that society will say cruel and mean things but will act like they weren't the ones to blame. The girl had forgotten who she was, because they told her who she needed to be, she didn't find herself again until the end but it was already too late. Society had messed with her head, because no body told her the world was two faced; it cost her the life she could've lived.

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lynn Rose


We are not born thinking we are worthless, stupid, or ugly. It must be put in our heads from a person that is saying it to us in some way internet or in person; due to a chemical imbalance in the brain (depression,anxiety,etc) it can amplify. Society held the gun, our brains pulled the trigger.


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Bhuvi @Ivory Blue
I loved this story!! Great Work.
lynn @LynnRose

Hey Bhuvi, glad you liked it and thank you for reading :)