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Chapter 1

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NOW as I am going to start my story,i want to tell you that I am not writer and I you will really know me you are not going to read my story. but still as I have made a promise to someone I m going to start this..

I am simple girl from a middle class background where only one can dream to have the so called luxurious life.i am one of those.SINCE I was 5yrs old I dreamt of becoming a doctor.i was a very studious girl in general language pdhaku idiot.everything was till 8th father knew that I can fulfil my dream but then the ti me came when destiny has its own plan.

enough of I am coming to my local lilt u know hinglish a weired combination of hindi and English

I was the class captain of class 8th a and favorite among teachers of my school.But most hated girl according to my classmate.iska ek reason v tha jo ap aage pdh k samajh sakte hai.i used to complain a lot.i hate my classmates who were so cool and lived a carefree life.i used to call them ameer baap ki bigdi one wats to be friend with me and m ujhe v nahi pasand tha coz I knew k friendship will ruin my carrier.and mujhe apni dream ko lekar koi chance nahi lena tha.i love my dad a lot and I just wanted to complete his dream of being a doctor and shut the mouth of those relatives jo unhe and maa ko humesa taunt karte rehte thay just because they have no son.but still by luck I got a friend who truly understood me.

her name is surabhi and she is just my refection.even the teacher used to call us kumbh mele ki bichdi hui behene.but with time meri and those other girls me fights badhte gaye and I used to cry a lot and I asked my dad that I cant study in this school .

dad enrolled me in my new was a day before my first day at my new school.i was chatting with my friends on facebook.suddenly a request came from SHUBHANKAR KASHYAP. suddenly a thought sruck that I know him.and accepted his request.he messeged me that he know me.i said yes we were classmates in 5th standard.

5th standard......the painful dream to enroll in live in Varanasi.all shattered just coz of 1 marks.1extra marks and...forget day I went to my new school with my mother.the principal instructed me to get in the class.there I saw shubhankar and I was shocked.then I talked with some of them was khushi,another ayushi my ex classmate and then eesha the cutest girl whom I have ever seen.she was a free living girl but our choices were common just like our crush..darshu.we both sung his song pehli mohabbat.then she told me about her pehli mohabbt .his name NIKHIL ANAND...THE NAME WHICH IS STILL AFFECTS ME.I HOPE YE LINES KABHI NA KABHI US TAK ZARUR PAHOCHE.BUT WHATS THE DEAL HE DONT CARE.USEY TO YE V FAKE LAGEGA.COZ THE ONLY GUY WHOM I LOVE MADLY ,LOVES SOMEONE ESLE.

eesha told me about his boyfriend and after hearing his name something happened to me like there was a connection with that name..whoa whoa whoa..u will think how b***h I am that I am thinking ablout someone else boyfriend,then sorry guys that was beyond my control.i asked eesha tell me more about nik..she was like nik..what was that I said common yr it suits him.bol na nik gju k bare me.when she heard she blushed.then she told us k wo kitna caring and smart hai,.bla bla bla.nik nik nik..I was thinking k mai q attract ho rahi hu us bande k taraf.then after the school got over I went with khushi to her house.she was using fb and I asked her k let me check something.she gave me her phone.then I asked her what was the full name of eeshus bf that guy nik..she told NiKHIL ANAND..she asked what are u doing.i told her lets see is he really that much handsome that eesha has described.she told ya ya do that.i searched his profile.i saw his pic.he was in a group pc wearing goggles.when I saw him.i was like oh m g.i told khushi ,the girl is lucky.khusi said r u mad.there is nothing special.but then I thought why m getting so much attracted to him.i zoomed his pic.he was handsome for me,.dAamn handsome.the way he was carrying himself was different something different from all other guys I have seen till now.i think I was getting trapped.then I went home.after resting for sometime I login my account and talk a lil bit with shubhankar.


me:hlw.aap aj wrong thay.god exists yr

shubhankar:tum mujhe aap q bolti ho.its awkward.

me:habit.but q

shubhankar:but mujhe pasand nahi.abse tum bola karo.

me:ok ap bolte ho to mai try karungi


me:o sorry tum.

then he got offline.i talked with some other friends.then I searched his profile once more..Nikhil anad.maine usk saare pics dhyan se dheke.i was getting attracted to him.but why?whats so special about him.i log out after that.

then raat ko mai phr on aayi an rechecked his profile.what the hell I was doing.mujhe q usk sth koi connection lgta hai.i don't even know I kew about two boys SHUBHANKAR and Nik ..but nik was really pulling me.i thought k mujhe wo phrse actors ki trh uspr v crush aya din me utar jaega.i slept .someone was calling me shipu.i was running towards the voice.when I reach near him he was are you doing here.he was just smiling.i told answer me but he was smiling cunningly...then I woke up ,something hit me.oh that was my lil sis Shreya.stupid girl.i scolded her then I thought what was that dream.what the hell is happening with me.then I slept.

ope u guys like this part.i know its a real life story but don't worry guys let my hero/villain( jo v bol lo wo konsa mujhe kuch bolega) enter.u will find that kaise meri life ek movie bn rahi hai..i have to leave now.thanks for ur patience.if I have done some mistakes I am soory for that.

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Does true love really exist?kya real life me v love stories complete hoti hai or its just an obsession.i don't want to say a lot but if u have loved someone once in a life.just pray for the girl that she get what she has lost or make her chose the right path.The girl really needs your help.


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minny @minny
Is it kind of high school love....................?