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Hello I'm Lilac pt. 1

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Hello I'm Lilac pt. 1

Chapter 1

I'm lilac , as you can tell from the title. There are a couple people that are very important throughout this story that you need to know. Mira which is my mom, John my dad,my brother Daniel,and my best friend Emily. I know you are wondering what this story is about well keep reading and you will see......


I had just turned 7 and everything was fine. Good grades, exceptional work, and my parents saw a bright future for me. I didn't quite understand why a future was so important, at that age. But I wanted to have a future. I knew one thing though, that wasn't going to come easy. One day on September 23rd I remember trying to go to sleep but I couldn't I kept having recurrent thoughts of starving, having no food. I know its weird to have those thoughts at the age of 7 but for some reason I was having them.I remember getting up out of my bed feeling like I had no weight at all like I was nothing but a feather. I walked downstairs into the kitchen I had to eat something my stomach was literally calling for help. Okay Maybe not literally but the grumbling would not stop. I opened the fridge and there was nothing there, not even the shelves. Just that bright light that could almost blind me. I looked for food in the cabinet, but how could I look in the cabinets if there were none? I look around me to see nothing except for that empty fridge. I felt as if the fridge was laughing at me and chanting "what are you going to do lilac?" "There's no food." The words just spin around my head around and around again. I felt like I was going crazy. There was no stairs, no chairs, no table, nothing. Just a white room and me sitting in front of the fridge crying. I was terrified! "Mommy help, I can't find anything." I heard footsteps come rushing down. "Lilac, what is going on?" My mom said trying to pick me up off the floor. I look up at her and everything is normal, everything that was there was in it's place. "I'm hungry!" "Well then why didn't you get something?" "Everything was gone." "What do you mean?"I dashed to the fridge and opened it. "Look mom see, no food." "I know we don't have a lot but there is definitely food in there." I looked in the fridge and everything was there, like I remembered it the day before. "Huh?" I said in awe. "B...but it was gone." "I bet you are just tired, its three o'clock"She grabbed my hand and walked me upstairs and put me to bed. "You need rest Lilac" she smiled. "goodnight , mom" I rolled over. But I didn't go to sleep.....

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ello i love writing stories and um here i am


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