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Hello world

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Hello world

Hello, how are u doing? good I hope? anyway, this is just to say what i like and such. Dragons and sci fi are my favorite stuff. I'm a dragon fanatic, they are so cool! as for other book, as long as it helps pass the time, i like them. no, love them. it always nice to see how other people will take a story or subject that someone else has made and put their own twist to it. sometimes it's funny, sometimes it is sad. but it shows that everyone has a future writer inside of them! thank u for reading, i'll meet u all in a good book!

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Dragons? Sci-fi? Count me in!


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BATTLEHAWK @battlehawk900
sry for my bad grammer, i swear i can write, i'm just lazy right now, lol
Hansen @hansenng

waiting to see you write.

BATTLEHAWK @battlehawk900
Thanks for the support Hansen!